But Who Will Think of the Zany Summer Blockbusters?

Want more? Sure you do!

The tongue-in-check teaser trailer, which is playing in theaters before 21 Jump Street, shows the four actors driving through their neighborhood in a large SUV. At one point, Hill’s character, using his hand, pretends to shoot at a group of teenagers.

Say, what about that Japanese Nuclear Disaster Comedy alt-text we were thinking about?

It’s not the first time a Hollywood studio has had to alter a marketing campaign or a release date because of real-life events. After the Japan earthquake last year, Warner Bros. pulled Hereafter — which re-creates the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster — from theaters in Japan.

Okay, but surely — well, maybe not:

Last year, the Christmas film We Bought a Zoo wasn’t affected by an Ohio man who took his own life in late October after freeing the animals he kept in a private zoo.

Fine. We won’t use the Dark Shadows gag, either. Why tempt fate?

Fox Removes ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Marketing in Wake of Trayvon Martin Shooting [Hollywood Reporter]

Actually, Ben Stiller was previously cursed when Zoolander, which is a very funny movie, came out four days after 9/11 and featured international terrorists.

Not to mention all the funniest bits of Tropic Thunder were removed from the theater and regular DVD releases. You have to go on YouTube to see the uncut (so to speak) versions of the movie trailers that mock the Catholic Church, people with developmental disabilities, and Eddie Murphy.

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