Birtherism Opens New Front

“A child born to a U.S. citizen overseas through the increasingly common practice of in vitro fertilization with embryos from donor eggs and sperm is not American, unless an American is one of the donors.” [USA Today, via @daveweigel]


Don’t you wish there was something better on the internets?

If only there were real problems in the world.

Has anyone gotten around to removing the plaque of “The New Colossus” from the Statue of Liberty? Those words have turned pretty hollow.

@ManchuCandidate: Every day I get up and hope it got better. But it hasn’t so far. And I’m thinking it’s gonna get worse.

In more important news: last night we had peepers. 4 weeks early. The daffodils are opening. Ditto. All the roses made it through and I did some badass pruning. What’s missing? Winter. I had no day this year when I went out at night and smelled, for the first time, dirt. And plus, White Flower Farms thoughtfully sent me notification that we are now one and a half agricultural zones south of where we were when we bought the house 11 years ago and would I like to plant datura.

Lots of stupid in this world and it’s incurable.

On the other hand, some things have gotten better. Gay marriage doesn’t make many US Americans piss themselves in fear despite what suspected dog humper Santorum and the rest of his gang of reaction morans thinks.

There’s a reason that I won’t live more than three hours away from our national borders–precious escape time after our nation’s ignorant, sadistic, glassy-eyed, hate-crazed, neofascist population launches The Republic of Gilead.

I may have been too clever with the headline. This actual U.S. law, not a wingnut fever dream.

Will a cyborg be ineligible to run for President unless at least 50% of his/her/its parts are made in the USA?

Should we check Mittens’ parts catalog?

@nojo: Yeah, but they are looking into the interpretation (sometimes I do click through). I think your iPad has you giddy. Next it’ll be all amphibians all the time.

So I guess I should tell my cousin Janyce who was born in 1947 in Germany from my uncle in the US Army and his US born wife that her dreams of being President are over? Because they served their country during and after WWII, their daughter is inelligible because she was born in an army hospital in Munich? Oh, no. For several years after she was raised in Japan when he was transferred there.

She’s not a “natural-born citizen”?

Well, on the other side, I can prove my ancestry back to about 1660 in Neiuw Nederlands before it became New York.

So I suggest the rest of you illegal immigrants since then get your asses out of my country. Buncha wetbacks, whether wet from fresh or salt water. Rio Grande, Atlantic , or Pacific. Go home and get out of my country if you don’t agree with my American principles. I can mostly agree with those a buncha newbies came up with in 1776 and shortly after. But the current Rethugs? Get outa my country, assholes.

Hmmmm, doesn’t that mean that Panamanian strong man Juan McCain wasn’t eligible to run for Preznit in 08?

@ManchuCandidate: It’s funny how that was never brought up in 2008. Now, if McCain had been black….

There was a law passed in 2000 regarding adoptions of foriegn born children whereby they are automatically made citizens. One only needs to fill out the proper forms and pay the appropriate fee. Maybe someone going abroad for this procedure could just fill out a form and pay a fee to make it all legit?

On the other hand it begs the question, what if one has everythign done here in the U.S. but the donors are illegal aliens?

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