One Fish Two Fish

Mitt Romney, Monday:

“I had catfish for the second time. It was delicious, just like the first time.”

Mitt Romney, the first time:

“[I’m not] a catfish man, or not a fish man so much.”

Pandering’s harder than you think.

Mitt Romney Flip Flops On Catfish [HuffPo]

I love eating seafood, but not a fan of catfish… except deep fried in cornmeal batter. Even then I have to pour on the cocktail or tartar sauce to make it tolerable.

Seriously Mitt… it’s better to just shut up about the local flavor or what you like to do. George H W as in “What the fuck is a cash register?” Bush is more a man of the people than you are.


I never order catfish anywhere near the coasts. But if I’m in flyover country, particularly South of the Mason-Dixon line, or anywhere near the Mississippi or Missouri River, and it’s a family style, or urban fried chicken specialty house – Then Catfish is the first thing I look for. Must be deep fried and whole fish -I want the head and tail spilling off both ends of the platter and I’m eating off the bone. Batter mix? That’s the secret recipe that makes the difference and I’ll be happy with whatever the fat cook in the kitchen is mixing up. But if the cook is skinny -you’ve got to move on.

Re: Mittens.
Given the choices emerging from the GOP field this cycle, and should [IF] the GOP nominee accidentally win – [THEN] I can think of worse things than the one elected having no ideological backbone and governing strictly by pandering to the polls. In this case, pandering is an unappreciated virtue.

Edited for conditional clarity.

@libertarian tool:
I heard the secret ingredient includes buttermilk but damned if I know.

Same reason why you don’t give the job of making coffee to the one guy in the office who doesn’t drink the stuff. Five scoops or ten? I don’t give a shit… there was a reason why I was given the nickname Yemana.

Next he’ll inform us that the trees in Michigan are the wrong height.

Hey Mitt, it goes down better if they’ve been striped of fur and declawed. Mitt needs a double dip of hushpuppies.

@libertarian tool: The risk with Romney is that it’ll take great effort from the party machers to get him there, at which point it’s dance with them what brung you.

At this point, if voters are downright stupid enough to wrap their lips around a Rombot/Ayatollah Santoruh revolver, then I double dare them to pull the fucking trigger.

TJ: Rebekah Brooks, her gorgeous hair and her husband are now in stir.

@Dodgerblue: When I first read that, I thought it said Rebecca Black had finally been arrested (for her crimes against music).

Yeah, I meant that to be a little more clearly stated as an IF – THEN conditional assertion. I’d prefer the “IF” to not be fulfilled.

Here – I think I’ll fix that.

@libertarian tool: I followed. I just think you underestimate the damage Romney is capable of.

All hands! The White House is sponsoring a petition to restore basic medical research funding this year and push back against the tide of jesufascist ignorance that is arresting science, making America the laughing stock of the world and reducing our country slowly to an 11th century theocratic dystopia. Sign this fucking thing and send a message to the forces of ignorance.

Don’t wait. Do it now and post to every list you are on and know that every signature is a muddy wet fucking boot stomping the face of jesufascism in America.

Is that a feel-good proposition or what?!/petition/increase-nih-budget-33-billion-dollars-next-fiscal-year-flat-307-billion-will-kill-jobs-and-hurt/2q2m6Rdc?
Increase NIH budget to $33 billion dollars next fiscal year! A flat $30.7 billion will kill jobs and
Increase NIH spending to $33 billion! The proposed flat NIH budget will close labs nationwide, kill good-paying jobs, damage our worldwide medical research dominance, and hurt state economies. NIH jobs cannot be outsourced. NIH funding created 350,000 job

@libertarian tool: @mellbell: I’m with mellbell. Conventional Wisdom is that Preznident Mittens would continue pandering to the Wingnuts.

Unless the Demrats win both houses. I wouldn’t put it past Mitt to just cave to whoever’s in power.


“Unless the Demrats win both houses.”

I’ll also bet against that one, which is why I’m mainlining HOPIUM now. It makes me feel all warm and dreamy when things are happily (or unhappily) divided.

I did take a shot at stack ranking all the possible President/Senate/ House scenarios a week ago. Net net – My current view is the House is a lock for the GOP (with narrowed majority), Senate is a coin flip, and Barry will likely stay in the White House. This is also the currently favored Intrade betting scenario (although Intrade has the GOP narrowly favored to win the Senate).

I just hope Bloomberg does not come in on the AE ticket and screw things up.

@libertarian tool: I highly recommend Pareene’s coverage of Americans Elect (here and here). One gets the sense that it will collapse under its own weight soon enough.

@libertarian tool: My totally wild-ass guessing is that it’s Bammerz with a narrow popular vote and EC victory, and the House goes Demonrat, while the Senate flips RepubliKKKan as increasingly broke and desperate Independents split their votes and cast ballots for Anyone Other Than the Incumbent.

@libertarian tool: I ain’t calling the houses. Too weird.

As to Americans Elect, won’t you give generously to pay back the billionaires?

I will not eat them in the South
I will not put them in my mouth
I do not like catfish filet
I did so like them yesterday

I can like anything I gander
If it will help me win the pander
These rubes will do whatever I say
If they would just believe me today.

–With apologies to Theodore Seuss Geisel

@Dodgerblue: I hear that, at her induction after she was stripped to a filmy g-string, a couple of blonde ex-swimsuit models incarcerated for being just too damn hot held her down while a largish black lesbian dom in a leather prison uniform straddled her heaving breasts to clip all her hair off to send to New York to make extensions for Beyonce. The struggle made everyone very very sweaty. Very very sweaty. The ladies found it expedient to lick each other’s navels to avoid having drops of sweat just fall in their open mouths, their lips swollen, pouting, bruised, their hips thrusting, urgent, hungry… But I could be mistaken.

Why the same couldn’t be done with Democratic ex-contenders for the presidency when found guilty of financial shenanigans and sex with aliens – (off the top of my head) – preferably while wearing handcuffs – or manacles – or at least leather cuffs lined in lambs wool – or nylon straps and a slave collar – metaphorically speaking – and a wrestling singlet which could be shredded from his muscular body – or perhaps just a jock – barely able to contain his rampant, throbbing, engorged… ego – is beyond me. Talk about double-standards!

@FlyingChainSaw: I’m all over it. As the actress said to the bishop.

In more important news, I saw a bluebird today!! Yay!! Fuck me sideways!! As the… (any lip about this from ex-Mousequeteers who should know better but have been trying on inappropriate jeans in WEHO which has cut off blood supply to whatever accounts for a brain will be smacked down largely) very rarely seen and only glimpsed today as a flash of intense bright blue at the edge of the woods as the motherfucking chickadees chased him off. Plus I finally found the pruning shears where I left them outside last November now rusted into a single block of shoddy. I am all kinds of impressed with the way the vast amount of labor I put into spreading mulch last fall (four days at least, stripped to sweaty jeans and a tee, pictures to come) is paying dividends and not smothering the poppies as I’d feared.

In other news, spring is 4 weeks early. If this keeps up I’ll plant taro and y’all® can come for the luau.

oh my dear FSM, i have missed you!


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