Thirty Years of Frustration in Five Seconds

We have one. We bought it in 1980. We wrote a story about it for the college paper. We’ve never solved it. Fuck robots.


I didn’t need all that expensive hardware… when I nearly lost my mind I just took a flathead screwdriver to pop it apart and then put all the cubes in the right order.

I’m judging a moot court competition run by a GLBT legal institute at UCLA. Tough lesbians in sensible shoes. Grimly serious gay men with short hair. UCLA’s crappy basketball team played its way out of the Pac-12 tournament so I won’t have that to divert me.

@Dodgerblue: My New Mexico Lobos are in the Mountain West championships tonight v. Sandy Eggo State. There’s talk that the Lobos are going dancing.

A machine built to do what any 4 year old can do in the same time? Sigh …

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