Given That It’s Penn State, It Could Have Been Worse

Rick Santorum reveals his battered collegehood: “There are schools, I went to one — Penn State — that’s one of the liberal icons, unfortunately it’s gotten a lot worse. I can tell you professor after professor who docked my grades because of the viewpoints I expressed and the papers that I wrote, there’s no question that happened.” [, via @KeithOlbermann]


How many trans-rectal ultrasounds will it take to find one molecule of Ayatollah Santoruh’s brains?

It’d take one of them gawdam, librul scientists 20 years to find out.

Let’s have him put some of those papers online.

@¡Andrew!: In all fairness to the Laydeez, we need to make those ultrasounds transurethral.

The Pro Life movement would disappear in seconds. I’ve endured three procedures that involved insertion via the urethra two years ago. I don’t recommend it.

Hey Nojo, snow showers are predicted for Eugene OR. This is totally unacceptable.

@Dodgerblue: I can’t recall one sunny day ever at all the envirofests I’ve been to in Eugene. Snow, rain, clouds . . . almost enough to drive one towards the nearest kegs of microbrew or stash of homemade Alaskan stout.

Met the onetime 2nd place winner of that category one year. Cool dude, awesome beer. I tried to recruit him to my firm, but the powers that were didn’t give a shit until they found out that some Poobah of Environmental Law had tapped him as a very talented cat, then they got interested, after he wasn’t available anymore. Assholes. Last I heard he had a PI/environmental practice in Seattle.

@Dodgerblue: That means everyone will be wearing thick socks with their Birks.

@Dodgerblue: Huh. Looks like the law school there has a new website. I wonder who spent six fucking months working on it?

@nojo: Did you do the Univ site too? I was looking for maps to see where I need to hike to from the Worst Western hotel I’m staying at.

@Dodgerblue: I used to hoof it over from the Dux Law professor’s place over by a park (Hendrick’s?). It was about 15-20 minutes, if that. The important thing to know is that Rennie’s Landing is on the west end of campus across from the old law school, which is west of the new Knight Arena located northeast of the Nike Temple of Law.

@nojo: Hey — if you know where to click on the law school website, you can get to my name! How cool is that?

@redmanlaw: I hiked through falling snow in Beijing last December. That was OK. But Eugene?

@Dodgerblue: No, just the law school. And the Bach Festival. And merchandising. And gift planning. And…

@nojo: I remember seeing that look before but it was up the road in beaver town.

@Dodgerblue: If you have wheels you should visit the coastal towns. I used to when I traveled to Oregon frequently. I always thought they were picturesque even in the fiercest weather. The drive to Florence is worth the effort even if you don’t go north or south from there.

In addition I think that there will be even more good locations for brews than in the 90’s when I traveled there. There are a ton of wineries as well. I think that there were at least a dozen within a 30 minute drive of Corvallis.

@redmanlaw: Nike Temple of Law

I’m totally stealing that.

So, let’s see what Windows 8 Consumer Preview looks like…


ADD: Okay, now let’s see what the site looks like inside Windows 8.


Pretty much like Windows 7.

ADD: And how do you shut it down? Five minutes of Googling to find this:

It took me some time to figure out how to shut down Windows 8 at first. It turns out, it isn’t overly hard. All you have to do is put your mouse at the bottom-left corner of the screen until the “Charms” menu appears. Click on Settings, and a bar will appear on the right side of the screen. Select Power, then Shut Down.

Yes. Except it’s now the bottom-right corner. Thank you, Microsoft, for keeping up your decades-old reign of impossible operating systems.

@nojo: I guess they’ll have to update the Pedobear Windows joke.

@DElurker: I went on a retreat once to Yachuts with my old enviro law firm, then we went up the road to some fishing town for beers and chowder.


I’d love to know just which rocket scientist came up with the “hide the Start menu behind an invisible spot in the corner” bit. Sure, I *like* hot corners (use them lots in OS X), but if I had a dollar for every time I had to walk a non-technical user through, “OK, now click on the button that says ‘Start’. Yes, you DO have one that says that, look again.” I’d be retired…

@al2o3cr: I was imagining trying to explain it to my mom over the phone. She uses a Mac, but it still takes ten minutes to go through “double-click”.

@DElurker: @redmanlaw: My keychain says “Yachats — Life in the Fast Lane”.

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