The Lord Recommends Tetracycline

Mrs. Frothy Mix explains how the Lord guided Mr. Lube & Fecal Matter to run for Preznident of These United States:

“I did always feel in my heart that God had big plans for Rick. Eventually it was there, tugging at my heart. When Obamacare passed, that was it. That put the fire in my belly.”

“Fire in my belly”? Finally, an excuse to run that Santorum video we missed the first time.

Karen Santorum: husband’s presidential run is ‘God’s will’ [WaPo]

Photo set of little Sarah Santorum then and now:Sarah then , Sarah now Bless her heart.
Still being tortured by her folks

A most excellent vid.

And might I just add, as a spokesperson for my people and 85% of college-age straight persons, with a modicum of care santorum is not an inevitable by-product.

@texrednface: They seem to be doing a community theatre version of The Crucible.

@Benedick: Right? It’s called a shower bullet, people, look it up.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: “Ultra luxury steam shower for your modern home. Your bathroom will become your throne. Boost your energy level with our attention getting steam shower enclosure. Your body will thank you as you get instant stress relief for a long day. The Bullet is not just a steam shower, it is a rejuvenating home spa which helps restore your vitality, stimulates your body’s own healing process and makes you feel good all over.”

Honestly, I was expecting to find it in Urban Dictionary.

@nojo: That’s not at all what I was referring to…keep looking.

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