Are You Ready for Some Crickets?

Mitt Romney delivers a major economic address before a packed house at Detroit’s Ford Stadium.

Romney camp’s game plan: Make Ford Field look crowded [Detroit Free Press, via Political Wire]

Photo: @ByronYork [via ThinkProgress]


Is anyone using the locker rooms? Because I have ideas…

The first rule of Political Stagecraft is to hire a room just smaller than your expected audience. After all, “overflow crowd” is relative.

matt stafford finally broke the curse of bobby layne:
now mitt romney is trying to bring it back by saying stupid shit like the auto bailout was wrong, unions suck, and loose women on contraception encourage immorality.

Mittens is trimming the hedges to make it look bigger.

I’m waiting for the photo op where Mittens shakes hands with workers during a shift change at a GM plant.

Just watched “The Secret to a Happy Ending”, courtesy of my local library. Thanks for the tip–it’s one of the best band biographies I’ve seen.


He’d need to bring a raincoat and an umbrella for all the spit flying his way…

@Jesuswalksinidaho: how bout the dude who paints the cd covers?

I believe this ballroom was available, and would have seated everyone cozily.

a quick review of the electoral votes state by state shows obama should easily win in november against the last teapublican’t standing. if obama takes ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and virginia then it is a landslide. those 4 states should swing the election. even if the last teapublican’t standing takes all 4 (which is very improbable) that’s 283 electoral votes for the right assuming all other states come through as expected. in other words, the teapublican’ts have to take all 4 of these states to win. if obama wins just one of pennsylvania, n carolina or ohio, it’s over. virginia has 13 votes which makes things a little tricky if that is the only one of these 4 that obama wins.

@matador1015: reminds me of mccains concession speech 4 years ago. remember that dirge?

@jwmcsame: In spite of all indications, the newsers still insist on focusing on Romney vs. Frothy; otherwise the voters will vote for the incumbent and then go walk their dog or watch reality TV instead of the manufactured horse race on CNN/FOX/MSNBC.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m surprised that most males don’t realise that trimming the ground cover makes the trunk look taller.

I was told that by an ex of mine… I believe her. I just keep the forest trimmed.

@nojo: To be fair, Nojo, that could have been an overflow crowd if the Romney campaign had just pulled the rope line in tighter.

@Serolf Divad: And, as I just saw on Rachel, ditched all the empty folding chairs.

So riddle me this my fellow fashionista political wonks — Anne-Marie Slaughter on News Hour in a shiny brown jacket – obviously not as painful as the bombing of Syria — but am I totally shallow for being distracted by Ms Slaughter’s jacket?

@SanFranLefty: No. I, for one, am so distracted by Hilary’s tragic hair that I can barely focus on the severe humanitarian crisis. For god’s sake, can we get an emergency team of gays flown in to save her?

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty: we just had a Town Hall with her (joined by remote), and you should have seen the lime green jacket she was wearing. It looked like upholstery. But she still has The Cackle.

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