Conservative Asshole is Asshole, Probably Gay

“Former councilman and conservative radio host is at a drag show, smashes a car with his SUV on the way out, and then the DA decides not to prosecute despite all sorts of evidence as to what happens. As always, it’s the cover-up that makes things worse. On the two wetsuit and a dildo scale, this is nothing, but if I were Michael Berry I would stay the fuck out of airport bathrooms.” [Balloon Juice]


Oh come on. He was there for research… yeah, that’s it.

Stinquers, please report to the sandbox for some news…

I was trying to recall how long I’ve been lurking around. The reference to Cocktober was the key.

I thought it was two dildos and one wet suit. Maybe it was a gag and a butt plug that I was thinking of.

The title kind of make it seem that being an asshole is related to being gay.

@DElurker: Remember that from a website a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

@DElurker: I’ve tried reviving Butterstick a couple of times, but it just hasn’t been the same.

@blogenfreude: That was where I started. I am not very savvy about the connections but was able to follow when that Galaxy withered and died.

@nojo: I can’t say I’d recommend trying mouth-to-mouth.

@Walking Still: It’s either that or bamboo up the arse.

@nojo: Speaking of bamboo, looks like I’m going back to China in late March, to a city on the old Silk Road. I’m learning a few phrases in Mandarin Chinese including “I love you,” which could come in handy any number of ways.

@Dodgerblue: And I think going to Window Rock for a week as a hearing officer is a big deal.

@FlyingChainSaw: Lanzhou, in Gansu Province. They have a law school there where I’ve been asked to teach some classes on US enviro law. I’m hoping to have some spare time to do some touristy stuff and buy cheesy souveniers.

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