Yes, Please, Annoy Us All the Way to November, You Do That

Sarah Palin on Fox: “Vote for Newt. Annoy a liberal. Vote Newt. Keep this vetting process going, keep the debate going.” [NRO, via Political Wire]


Catholic Church throws in the the GOP for 2012:

Catholic churches evangelize against Obama en masse

In a surprising move over the weekend, thousands of Catholic parishioners were read letters that condemn the Obama administration and its recent decision to make birth control available to women through virtually all private health insurance plans.

The letters were written by Catholic Bishops in the U.S. and read aloud at hundreds of Catholic churches on Sunday. In one of the letters (PDF), written by a Catholic Bishop in Phoenix, Ariz., the church attacks the Obama administration for having “cast aside the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, denying to Catholics our Nation’s first and most fundamental freedom, that of religious liberty.”

But far from taking away their religious liberty or any of their “God given rights,” the Obama administration’s decision to make private insurers cover birth control will ensure that the church cannot deny these services to their employees if they choose to utilize them.

Where were these Bishops during the last few decades of priestly sex abuse with little boys?

I’m fucking furious about this because this is just free advocacy for the GOP in this election cycle. It just makes the Dems look bad no matter how it plays out. I’ve told Mrs RML to cut my half our of not insignificant contributions to the church if they keep this shit up.

@redmanlaw: Fine. The Catholics want to play that game? Cast away your tax-exempt status, motherlittle boy-fuckers. Pay market rate property tax on all of your cathedrals, basilicas, and churches. Pay corporate taxes on all of your income and “donations” to your Super PAC.

@redmanlaw: Maybe can you convince Mrs. RML to perhaps give money directly to the Catholic nuns in third world countries who are doing good? Or to Sister Helen Prejean in New Orleans or Sister Janet Harris in LA?

Probably explains their pro-life stance… more abortions, fewer kids to touch.

@redmanlaw: Shit like this makes me think Henry VIII had the right idea.

Also, too, the idea of Caribou Barbie cheering for VETTING is utterly ridiculous. If she’d been vetted, she wouldn’t be on the teevee now…

@SanFranLefty: Exactly what I said on FB today. I’m also thinking about suspending my NRA membership this year or donating 2 or three times the value of my membership to the Committee to ReElect the President because they’re making Obama’s defeat its No. 1 priority.

Fucking bad guys and the media are going to make this goddamn election about nothing but birth control and food stamps.

@redmanlaw: Funny that the asshats don’t realize that by cutting off birth control they’re making food stamps all the more important.

P.S. I’m serious about my suggestion to Mrs. RML. Test it out with her. Or suggest that she write an article about the Catholic nuns who are kicking ass and taking names and helping people and being threatened with excommunication by the management in Rome. I’ve spent time with Sister Janet and she’s an awesome human being who would be excellent for a feature writing profile, or to come talk at the Rez about her work. The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t seem to realize that the bad-ass nuns are the only thin reed that keeps them from getting utterly hated.

To me this sounds more like the squealing of the GOPer establishment as they’ve just realized they’re fucked. Instead of showing the “strength” of their Preznit candidates, the GOPer debates have been the best political comedy since the “grate” Paultard frenzy of 07/08.

They’re playing ALL cards (gun card, abortion card, racist card, Koch card etc) on Barry because if they “play” “fair” they will lose badly not just in the preznit race but on the House/Senate races too (two months ago, the same guys who predicted a teabagger tide in 2010 showed that many 2010 teabaggers are in serious trouble in their districts.)


In one of the letters (PDF), written by a Catholic Bishop in Phoenix, Ariz

Oh, of course he did. Fucking asshole. That’s another benjamin from the Sommers household for the formerly Catholic St. Joseph’s Hospital.

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