How to Make Mitt Seem Human

To our taste, it was a draw — a very entertaining draw — but the consensus among the Chatterers seems to be that last night’s debate was a resounding victory for the International Man of Mysterious Swiss Bank Accounts. And why not? Newt needed a blowout win — in practical terms, a YouTube Moment — and that was not forthcoming. So, with the polls now trending in Mitt’s direction, tie goes to the frontrunner.

In which case, time to unload a photo we’ve been sitting on all week. In it, we see Mitt Romney enjoying a private moment with the members of his Blind Trust.

[via @anamariecox]

I can’t believe I watched any of that last night. I can’t remember any of it.

One of the lefty blogs is reporting that Mitt probably paid no taxes at all in 09 and 08.

Doesn’t seem to work for me, a Ken Doll comes across as less stiff.

WTF is this photo *from* – Mittens’ outreach to the furry community?

Yes, Mittens worked hand in hand with the International Olympic Committee–one of the most bribable organizations on the face of the earth. They could have have given him useful information about the advantages of Swiss bank accounts.

mitt posed for bong arts? where’s the smoke?

Mittens didn’t inhale, but the critters sure look happy (maybe because they know he won’t bogart the bong).

@jwmcsame: At 4226 feet, SLC’s elevation must be conducive to THC inhalation efficiency.

@nojo: I did not know that “the higher you are [in elevation above sea level] the higher you’ll get.” Is this a scientifiwockle fact?

@lynnlightfoot: Unconfirmed extrapolation. I’m presuming that thinner air = richer mixture = potent hit.

Ironically, I lived at 6000 feet for a few years, but never thought to test the hypothesis.

@nojo: i’ve been to the top of mt leconte (6593 ft above sea level) in the smoky mountains (pun intended) many times and have always contributed to the name. unfortunately, i think you have to get up above 7000 ft for your unconfirmed extrapolation to take effect.

much more unfortunately, the state senator for my part of tennessee stays really fucked up without heightened elevation:
he is a fool and i apologize for his existence. of course he is one of two chairs for newt swingrich in tennessee. campfield was not born in tennessee. he is a carpetbagger. please don’t think most tennesseans are like him. he only needs 3000 votes to stay in office. he won a 3 way race in the teapublican’t primary recently by getting 3000 of the 7000 votes cast. that really sux. local media says this story will be on the huffington post and other national media soon.

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