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At one point early in my career, I introduced the Northwest Ordinance for Space. And I said when we got — I think the number is 13,000 — when we have 13,000 Americans living on the moon, they can petition to become a state.

And here’s the difference between romantics and so-called “practical people”: I wanted every young American to say to themselves, “I could be one of those 13,000. I could be a pioneer… I can be part of building a bigger and better future. I can actually go out and live the future, looking at the solar system, and being part of a generation of courageous people who do something big and bold and heroic.”

And I will, as President, encourage the introduction of the Northwest Ordinance for Space to put a marker down: That we want Americans to think boldly about the future… And together, we’re going to unleash the American people to rebuild the country we love.

The current population of Washington, D.C., is 617,996, ranking it between Vermont and Wyoming.

Gingrich promises moon base that could become 51st state [Raw Story]

There are 3 real problems with this plan…

1) Cost of lifting 13000 Teabaggers into space: Trillions of precious tax cuts that “should” be given to the 1%.

2) Cost of developing and building Moonbase Gingrich and essential systems: Gagillionz of precious taxpayer dollars as no one has put major league R&D in water/air/”organic” aka shit reclamation systems for 13000 people.

3) Here’s the biggest problem of all: The moon isn’t US America territory.
See moon treaty.

Some “deep” thinker. This is the intellectual equivalent of drawing a circle, a US America flag and shouting U! S! A!!! MOOON!!!! over and over again. Of course, the MSM will be too polite to point that out (in large part because they don’t think all that well over there either.)


Manchu, you fail to take certain factors into account, such as: I would gladly contribute cash money to any project that involves jettisoning Teabaggers into space… Hell, the more Teabaggers we’re talking about the more I’ll contribute.

This takes moving to the suburbs to a whole new level.

OTOH, if you also factor in the shoddy construction of this moonbase (due to a deregulated construction industry), how long before someone accidentally pops a hole in their lunar balloon?

@Serolf Divad:
If we’re going to do that then I suggest the Jules Verne method.

Just build a big ass cannon and “shoot” them into “space.” I’m sure one of the smart ones (I met one) will figure out its not safe.

BTW, I can’t imagine why DC wouldn’t become a state… unless most of the population consists of Nearer US Americans and not “true” US Americans.

The moon is made of greeeen cheeese and spinach. Geeengrich

@Benedick: Worst of all, some residents are all of those things at once!

@Serolf Divad: remember in the 2004 primaries when al sharpton promised to send w and hw to mars if elected? w had promised a mars landing during his maladministration. also, w wanted to land on the sun. at night of course, when it wasn’t so hot.

Wallace and Gromit are pleased, although they would be unable to vote in the new state, but I guess we’d all be resident aliens.


how much hell would the teapublican’ts be raising if obama had proposed a moon base? swingrich suggested manufacturing facilities on the moon. how does he plan on getting the finished product to market? is the moon subject to osha guidelines and labor laws? how long will the workers have to hold their breath between oxygen breaks? will the workers have to hitch rides on russian and chinese rockets to get to work and back? what is the minimum wage on the moon? details, details. and of course, isn’t the moon tax free?

Based on comments from some geniuz I’ve seen on io9…

It would be like Robert Heinlein’s The Man Who Sold The Moon where all their problems are solved by a majik thinking computer (not HAL9000) and earf would be controlled by “right” thinking wise libertarians. One goof proclaimed that TMWSTM was a revolutionary manual… Having read Mao and other books on people’s war aka guerrilla warfare I can honestly state that nowhere was the mention of this majik computer as a people’s war winning tactic.

I don’t know where this majik computer exists.

@ManchuCandidate: Has anybody at io9 mentioned “Moon”? Great movie, and the context is moon mining.

I concur with RML. Moon was awesome… unless you expect “pew pew pew!” laser firefights and Bayhem explosions.

@redmanlaw: “Motherfucking Space Nazis”, dude! I need to see some of that movie.

@redmanlaw: @ManchuCandidate: One reason Silent Creative Partner and I like it — besides just liking it — is the in-camera splitscreens of Sam Rockwell, just like we do it. Now, if only we had a computerized tracking cam…

tj/Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-MA) office has confirmed to NECN that the retiring 71-year-old lawmaker is marrying his longtime partner, Jim Ready, in a Massachusetts ceremony. A date has not been set.

– politicalwire.com

Awww . . .

@redmanlaw: Too cute. It would only be awesomer if they were married on the steps of the Capitol.

Programming notice: Florida debate open thread at 7:45pm ET. With luck, there won’t be another one until March.

Think Foxcomm working conditions in low gravity. Just think of the government subsidies tax breaks for industries setting up shop on the moon. No nasty EPA either.

I really liked Heinlein when I was 13–things were so straight forward in his books. Then as I got older I realized the complexities of the real world don’t treat his characters or plots well.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: I’m sure I read Heinlein, but nothing stuck. All that remains is Bradbury for the poetry, and Asimov for the practicality.

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