Erick Erickson Needs to Get Out More Often

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The GOP doesn’t love Mittens? Somehow I figured all those polls showing Willard with 20 to 25% of the primary vote proved he was universally loved and respected by the Republicans. This comes as a shock.

I thought that was common knowledge. I think the GOP elite has been depending on the party’s natural authoritarian bent to follow whom ever they’re told to as they did during the recent and still on-going Flavor of the Month (now Fortnight) phase when they moved on a dime like a school of fish.

Mitt has money, but so did Perry. Perry was a shitty candidate and now it appears that Mitt is also. Is the Bush brand so damaged now that Jeb, with his wife the Mexican smuggler and skanky druggie daughter, can’t ride in to save the party this year? Also, anyone remember which young Boosh got caught boning in a mall parking lot?

@redmanlaw: Either Erick’s plain stupid — which is entirely possible — or he’s trying to set himself up as the arbiter of GOP anti-elitism. I don’t know what he reads, but the Not Mitts have been the theme of the campaign coverage for months. And especially last week, when his SC support cratered.

Oh, right, Erick’s a CNN stooge these days. Lord knows what sweet nothings Wolf is telling him.

@nojo: Did Murdoch buy CNN? What the hell happened there?

Sport TJ/The Bruins visited the WH and Tim Thomas, the goalie, who apparently is a teabagger boycotted the visit for political reasons.


@JNOV is like, Peace?:
See Ehn Ehn wanted to balance the political “force” of the center right with a far right asswipe.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: CNN is still Time Warner, but they’ve been moving to what they think is the “middle” for a few years now, and cozying very tight with teabaggers to provide “balance”.

Even that might be sufferable, but they seem to be directing their coverage to five-year-olds. Or maybe there’s a rule not to upstage Wolf.

@ManchuCandidate: I boycotted Mass for “Pro Life Month” because it pisses me off that a tax-exempt church openly preaches an anti-abortion political message favorable to the GOP and directs parish members to contact state legislators asking them to outlaw abortion. I stayed home and cut firewood, made dinner and watched my 49ers yesterday instead of going to church. Mrs RML came home and said that I chose a good day to stay away because I would have gotten really angry at what is basically free advocacy for the GOP.

This Erickson guy I see on TV talk shows and news shows and he comes off like this community college drop-out you meet on the train who tries to engage you with deft libertarian rhetoric about taxation is illegal and affirmative action caused the housing crash. Are people like this simply programmed for comic relief?

@redmanlaw: I celebrated the 39th anniversary of the Roe decision yesterday by wearing my Planned Parenthood tshirt and having non-procreational sex, with contraception.

Political Geek Quiz: What famous politician died the same day that SCOTUS handed down the Roe decision? (No cheating).

@mellbell: ding, ding, ding, and bonus points for knowing this and not being born yet at the time!

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