Rick Perry Joins America’s Losers

As he drops out of the preznidential race, let us observe that “Texas’ official holiday is named Confederate Heroes Day and is celebrated on January 19.” [Wikipedia]


They’re dancing in the streets in Ankara.

looks like the north’s gonna do it again.

@Walking Still: and over there at that 3rd federal agency…………….wait……hold on……which one is it now?

Terrorist Weather TJ!

Apparently Gregoire has declared a state of emergency for Washington State due to some snow. It’s snowy where I am, but it’s hardly an emergency. I’d say I’ve got maybe 6 inches outside and [bawdy pun redacted].

@IanJ: temps may hit 70 this week in tennessee. please send palm tree saplings and tons of beach sand.

Local news here in Tejas is following the Perry tail-drag back to Texas.
Suggestions Perry might be a good match for the Department of Interior.
May as well just suck up all the water, kill all the wildlife and dump the oil on the ground.

I didn’t even realize it was sellabrate a Confed heres bout today. thanx for the reminder. i’ll shoot great granny’s gun in the air tonight.

So long… um… whoever you are.

TJ/I haven’t been around. Been doing the continuing adult education thing while unemployed… project management, actually. I enjoy the challenge of project management and working towards my PMP, but that’s not why I’m typing this. My instructor is a genial guy who is a dual citizen of US America/Canada City, but I’ve met my first real life Teabagger. Not the type who would send out emails of Obama as a witchdoctor. He fits the profile of an educated teabagger as he is an engineer by training. Reads Drudge, watches Faux and a fan of Cain! I haven’t gotten into any political debates because he hasn’t shoved his views in my face and I’m trying to show my own “professionalism” too. Fits the profile of a lot of engineers, actually.

@texrednface: you could go out and re-enact the war of yankee aggression like they do round here. make sure to wear some worn out shoes, stay real hungry and illiterate, shoot your gun once and then surrender or take off running backwards just to keep it real and all.

ODG!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s a’debate’ tonight? Bring it on!

Why are Northerners such pussies about the Civil War? I mean really. I want one… just one Northern state to declare April 9th “Victory over the Confederacy” day, and I want it’s governors to make solemn proclamations celebrating it. We are far too accommodating of treason when white slave owners are involved.

@Serolf Divad: i’m all for it. imma start selling “the north’s gonna do it again” bumper stickers. little known fact: east tennessee favored the union and tried to secede from secession. confederate troops were sent in as occupiers (the bad kind) soon after fort sumter was shelled. check out my man parson brownlow from here ’bouts:
the good parson was governor of tennessee immediately after the war. nathan bedford forrest and the klan threatened to kill him over so many racial and reconstruction issues. brownlow gathered the militia and went to meet the klan to settle things. alleged bad ass forrest and the boys never showed for the showdown though.

@Benedick: But no debate thread, unless somebody else jumps in. I’ll be watching, but not paying close attention.

And the SC crowd applauds Open Marriage…

Newt: “I am appalled that you would open a presidential debate with a question like this.”

@nojo: I’m debating debate vs. packing. What do you take to a country possibly emerging from half century of military rule?

Newt: “I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans.”

The balls on that man.

@Nabisco: While leaving a country ten years into military rule?

After that opening, you may ignore the rest of the debate. It was stunning.

@IanJ: Saw something last night on this – here we call it a snow storm, in Seattle they call it a “snow event”.

Eh, I call it a snow storm too. I think “snow event” is one of those weird pseudo-military anachronisms the emergency-operations folks like to pull out. Art Thiel wrote a good article on why snow in Seattle is a big deal:


tl;dr: hills, and lots of ’em.

@IanJ: you nailed it. I spent three years working with those EM types, and it is an entirely invented lexicon. Most of them are Chicken Hawks, and I’m much more comfortable around the occasional full bird Colonel I work with in my current gig.

@nojo: I now have my icebreaker: “Actually, I’m here to learn from you.”

@Serolf Divad: “We are far too accommodating of treason when white slave owners are involved.”

That about sums it up, my friend. Yankees with balls…that’s what we need.

@IanJ: Hey that photo at 3rd and Columbia is one block from my gym.

We’re on Day Two of being snowed and iced in our Stinque: West Seattle Division. One day is fun, two not as much. Tomorrow I’m gonna see if Metro can get me to work.

The scariest part is the drivers of SUVs and Subarus who think that their all-wheel-drive has repealed the laws of physics.

@¡Andrew!: I likened Seattle 4×4 drivers in the snow with people who brought a gun to a wilderness survival situation — prone to potentially deadly overconfidence.

@Nabisco: Malaria pills and water purifier tablets.

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