Of SuperPACs and guys named Mitt

Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Stephen Colbert’s SuperPAC (Now run by Jon Stewart), has released an Atom Bomb of an Attack AD against Mitt Romney. The Premise? Reductio ad absurdum:

[ Comedy Central Flash video not available. ]

Real Reductio ad absurdum would require the premise be that people are not quite human until they’re incorporated in Delaware with a resident agent, therefore without those aspects of personhood, they could be hunted from helicopters with impunity.

Anyone handy with video here? I think we can do much better.

“Corporations are the only people, my friend. By the way, do you have a board?” Ka-chunk. Shleek. “That’s what I thought. Fucking shame.” BANG.

@FlyingChainSaw: Meanwhile, I can’t decide what was the more ass-hattery statement from the clowns in the GOP clown car:

Rick Perry: Marines Who Pissed on Taliban Corpses “Just Some Kids”

Query how would he react if it had been a video of Taliban fighters pissing on dead Marines?


Rick Spreading Santorum: Seven Billion Miracles Aren’t Enough

If the old story is true that the guy who spoke before Lincoln in Gettysburg went on for two hours, then (not) Colbert just made Newt into that nameless two-hour-talking guy. Which works, if I’m honest.

Huntsman’s out. As if he was ever in.

@SanFranLefty: Frothy’s comments are another dog whistle worthy of Pat Buchanan. Trouble is, do we give child tax credits only to the white families?

@SanFranLefty: So you cook that shit (etc.) now? Serve it with homefries?

@Serolf Divad: Something to do with Styrofoam, I think.


Best line from the Frothy Mix bit:

“He told the crowd that his disabled daughter Bella, 3, made him realize that God looks upon him as “disabled.””

Last I checked, being an arrogant Christianist assclown wasn’t actually a “disability”.

@al2o3cr: Santorum insults the word “disabled” by using it to describe himself. Such a fucking ass-clown.

ADD: Downton Abbey Season 2 is the shizzle! Where’s Benedick making his cameo as Butler # 2 with the archly-raised eybrow?

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