Rapture-Americans Should Be Disqualified from Voting

Newt Gingrich “was endorsed by evangelical author and pastor Tim LaHaye, who is best-known for writing a series of books called the ‘Left Behind’ series, an apocalyptic vision of what some Christians believe will happen when true believers in Jesus Christ experience the ‘rapture’ to heaven and nonbelievers are left behind for a period of ‘tribulation.'” [HuffPo, via jwmcsame]


You mean that we haven’t been tribulated for the last twelve years?

Better to be left behind than to live in heaven with those assholes.

Why won’t they go ahead and fucking rapture already? Don’t let the cloud hit your fat-ass on the way out.

i must have written this 3 times already, but it still makes me giggle.
i actually met a group of rapture ready spaniards at the top of Masada.
after some lively chatting, i wished them adieu with “it was so nice meeting you and i hope you die really really soon!” “thank you, thank you!”

I recommend these books for their sheer idiocy. A little goes a long way, mind you. I sometimes wonder about giving staged readings. Apart from the entire absence of any discernible ability to – you know – write, they are fascinating for the complete lack of cluelessness about human behavior. They would seem to have been written by a home-schooled 13 year old in Omaha who is obsessed with breasts and shame and who expresses such obsessions in a particularly spiteful manner: the endless gloating over the death and misfortunes of others is very nasty.

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