An Inconvenient Truth

Another photograph Mittens doesn’t want you to see:



Why is that guy putting hot sauce on Mitten’s shoe?

Is that an XtraJet private charter jet? That’s the outfit that got in trouble for secretly videotaping Michael Jackson. You don’t suppose . . . .?

I thought it was interesting that on last night’s show, Rachel came right back from the interview with the guy who mentioned it by showing the picture, and also explaining that it was him getting wanded, not getting a shoe shine, like the dude said in the interview.

That being said, this clarification still does little, as a picture says a thousand words.

(P.S. I’m now only getting my political news from Rachel and Stinque. After the NYT fuckery yesterday I can’t take anymore.)

I hate Romney’s Perry White hair-do and nasty smile that reveals gray back teeth. Just dreadful.

It’s a wonderful picture but, just to be a little contrary, you’d see this kind of scene on any movie set. I’m assuming this is a ‘backstage’ event – the performer being prepped – as such it’s pretty ordinary. I think it’s unprofessional to sit down like that in costume, but that’s just me. That suit was steamed before he put it on and if he gets it wrinkled it’ll have to be steamed again.

Of course, it’s also possible that this is just an ordinary day in Romneyland. In which case allow me to be the first to throw eggs.

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