You’re Under Arrest

My tax dollars at work:

It is perhaps the most minor crime New Yorkers are routinely arrested for: sitting improperly on a subway seat. Seven years ago, rule 1050(7)(J) of the city’s transit code criminalized what was once simply bad etiquette: passengers putting their feet on a subway seat. They also cannot take up more than one seat if it interferes with other passengers’ comfort, nor can they block movement on a subway by doing something like standing too close to the doors.

Tonight a cop pulled me and another guy over because he thought we’d used the door at the end of the car to move to the next one. I hadn’t, and the other guy told the cop I hadn’t. He had. Wonder if he got arrested?

Relax, if You Want, But Don’t Put Your Feet Up [NYT]

Piece of shit cop is lucky you didn’t pound the living fuck out of him.

@FlyingChainSaw: Piece of shit cop has nothing to fear from me – I’ve seen them beat the shit our of people they were arresting.

I found the whole east coast too repressive which is why I moved to Texas in 1973.

And, of course a counter-argument is, would you want to sit in a place where people put their feet having walked thru hundreds of years of shit-filled streets?

The automobile may have polluted the air with its emissions but without that everyone in NYC would be coping with more real horseshit underfoot than ever figuratively emanated from City Hall.

As I said before, the east coast is so full of shit in both ways that I had to get out. Not that Dallas is THAT much better, but there are pockets of sanity.

If they need old folks to volunteer for off-planet missions, I’ll be the first to sign up.

@blogenfreude: Good thing you’re white, otherwise you probably would have been arrested.

I have to say, my pet peeve on the NYC subway – guys who insist on sitting with their legs spread so wide they invade their neighbors’ personal space. Really, dude, your dick isn’t that huge. My pet peeve on the SF subway – old Chinese ladies who sit in the seat next to the aisle and won’t scoot over to the window seat, or get up so that you can get to the window seat, but expect you to scoot by them. Pet peeve on the DC subway – asshat 23 year old Republican Congressional staffers recounting the previous night’s date rape.

@RevZafod: “I found the whole east coast too repressive which is why I moved to Texas in 1973.”
I think that’s going to be the funniest thing I read all day.

@RevZafod: For REAL?
@SanFranLefty: Is that Dude for real?

The first time I was on a New York subway I saw a steaming pile of poop on an orange seat.

@texrednface: The first week a friend of mine lived in the East Bay, he was taking BART home from the 18th St. Mission stop to North Berkeley late at night and watched someone two rows away openly shooting up smack. w/r/t poop on seats, BART also has cloth seats like on airplanes, impossible to clean/hose off, the local fishwrap did an expose where they swabbed random seats on BART cars and sent them off for testing. Kind of horrifying what they found, thus I always stand now on BART, and sanitize the pole-holding-hand as soon as I get off.

@SanFranLefty: Well I guess you can find plenty of shit in the lovely woods.
If I could I would live in S.F. and I would visit NYC frequently.
The only reason to live in Texas is it is inexpensive.

@texrednface: same with tennessee, tex. i used to rent a 2br duplex with an excellent view of the smoky mountains, near a grocery store, many fast food joints, a fire station, and two drive thru beer stores for $420/month. april, may, june, and october electric bills were never more than $30/month. i could take long walks in the country. i could leave my place at 4pm in the summer, drive to mt leconte (in the smokies), hike half way up the mountain (3.25miles one way) to rainbow falls and back and still make it back home by sunset. i could get up at 5:30am in the summer, have my line in trout infested waters when the sun came up. by 10:30 am i was back home with 6 cleaned trout in the fridge. easy living.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: way to work. vermin supreme:
The protesters waved signs and chanted, supporting two competing candidates in the Republican primary: Ron Paul and an individual named Vermin Supreme, who wore a rubber boot on his head and danced while speaking through a megaphone.
newt’s afraid of vermin supreme. he should have called billie bretherton:

@JNOV is like, Peace?: JNOV, you discovered gold. check out vermin supreme. he challenged ropaul to 3 different fights and asked santorum to marry him:
home of vermin:

@SanFranLefty & Blogenfreude: my experience with NYC subway – 1981ish, after a late punk rock concert in Brooklyn, I was hassled by a transit cop on the train for holding a can of soda in a bag. Young out of stater that I was she ended up letting me go, but not before insisting that I admit to having beer in the can and not soda, as the fine would have been cheaper than the one she’d give me for smoking on the platform.

That’s right – down from hicksville, I knew enough to put my butt out before entering the subway car, but not that I shouldn’t have lit up to begin with once I was beneath street level.

Lucky break, because nowadays I’d be beaten senseless once I put match to cigarette.

@jwmcsame: I mighta found a nugget, but you found the vein! Too fucking funny! I’d vote for this dude. Or for his boot. Or maybe his megaphone. Naw — I think it’s the beard and the toothbrushing laws that hooked me. And we could always use more land. Rather than make Iraq and Afghanistan states, I think we should abuse them as protectorates. I’ll send Vermin an email.

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