“At a town hall in Atlantic, Iowa, Saturday afternoon, Gingrich gave an unusual reason for his present denial of man-made global warming. ‘I’m an amateur paleontologist,’ Gingrich said. ‘I spend a lot of time looking at the Earth’s temperature for a very long time. I’m a lot harder to convince than just looking at a computer model.'” [Think Progress]


I thought he meant his politics.

What I also get is that he would believe in Global Climate Change only if Global Climate Change extended him a no interest million dollar credit line.

@ManchuCandidate: This is the heavyweight ‘intellectual’ among the contenders.

A man who buys shiksa jewelry retail!

@Benedick: That is the mark of an amateur … last time I tried to get engaged I went to the diamond district and got such a deal!

Did the Broncos play today? I’m looking for the headline “Tebow Kneels For Santorum.”

@blogenfreude: A deal? Darling. On 47th st? This is Sound of Music without the nazis. If baked could ever get herself here she would testify.

Years ago, when I was not wise to the ways of NYC, I went to Canal Street to buy the hubby a watch instead of going to Pissyjools 57th St. You know what? The premium brand I paid for was a front for a fake Swiss enjewelment. Turns out it was Hong Kong Movado not US Movado.

In real terms Tiffany’s is cheaper. Plus the box! Darling. If you were a girl wouldn’t you love the box?

Newts got it goin on.

My Mother, who has a PhD in micropaleontology (studies micro fossils), says he’s full of shit and wonders if he keeps a lab where he amateurishly studies the co2 composition of fossil foraminifera and radiolaria.

She’s screaming at me; “He’s pandering to the stupid!”

@texrednface: He’s only interested in the carbon content of Tiffany diamonds, bought on credit.

@Dodgerblue: Broncos are losing 7 -0 to the Chiefs. Unfortunately, they’ll still make the playoffs unless the Raiders win.

Al Davis will be doing cartwheels in his grave if a Raiders loss lets the Broncos in. On the other hand, Santorum will look at it as a sign that the man upstairs wants him to be President/Pope.

@Walking Still: 7-3 final. I guess Jesus is chillin’ until the playoffs start.

@Dodgerblue: Just imagine a Super Bowl of the Tebows against the 49ers of “heathen/godless” San Francisco.

The vapid pontificating will reach storm force 10.

Breaking: Murdoch declares himself to be a Santorum fan. “He’s got it all over me,” declares media mogul.

Hey Nojo, we gonna live-blog the Rose Parade tomorrow morning?

@Dodgerblue: That wasn’t today?

I sure as hell ain’t waking up early to liveblog a fucking parade. You’ll have to corral somebody else, or just jack the footlong Morning Blather I’m writing.

@nojo: Do you happen to know who is playing in the Rose Bowl, which wasn’t today? Hint: rhymes with “fucks.” Their marching band and hideously-attired green and yellow fans, looking like vomit with legs, were massing today at the Pier near where I live. Yesterday, the Cheseheads were there.

A face like that reminds me of a cod fish. The ugliest fish in the sea.

In fact all ugly fish get called cod.

@Dodgerblue: I only know because I get all the alumni emails. Which I used to design.

@Benedick: Will the Foxbots now fall dutifully into line? Will they start trashing all those who stand in the way of the anointed one?

It would be fun to watch them go medieval on Crazy Eyes, Il Nuce, et al.

@Dodgerblue: Yes, the Broncos were on the schedule, and they were on TV this afternoon, but whether they actually “played” is debatable. The most widely anticipated release of the 2011 holiday season was The Book on Tebow, which apparently is in its second weekly edition. The Chosen One’s been singing “Lord I was Born a Scramblin’ Man” for the past couple of months, but you nail his feet to the ground, cover all his receivers and it’s “Nowhere to Run To, Baby.”

Not a good day for the Hispanic Quarterback as Sanchez and the Jets get rolled by Wet Mammals today while Romo is now getting his chestnuts roasted by an open fire by the New York Football Giants.

UPDATE: Romo just threw a short TD pass. It’s a one possession game, and speaking of possession, January is Sanctity of Life Month in the Catholic Church, which means free advertisement for the Republican Party on abortion. “We must make sure our laws are in comformity with our faith,” etc. I should take the month off to avoid getting more pissed off.

@redmanlaw: Given the level of discourse we can expect in the coming months (say, until November), you may need a slightly longer vacay.

Still, it was fun watching the Cowboys lose to those New Yorkers tonight.

@Dodgerblue: First the Ducks, then the Tree. Good luck to the SFL household tomorrow.

I need to take a shit on Il Nuce’s face.

It would improve his looks.

@redmanlaw: One of the best tweets I saw yesterday, via pourmecoffee, was “Roger Goodell just fined James Harrison for even thinking about what he’ll do to Tebow”.

@Dodgerblue: Can the Stanford Band freelance an appearance at the bowl, you know, sort of as an editorial commentary? This may be an opportunity for guerilla pagentry.

i’ll be back in the city in a few weeks darling to testify. in the meantime i’ll continue sitting in a rocker in a dark corner with a plaid blanket on my lap, clutching my bong and making angry Chewbacca noises till the debates are over.

It’s time for the Rose Parade, organized by the witless children of what passes for old money in Pasadena, CA. This year’s theme is arson.

@Walking Still: It’s going to be a long afternoon. We’re picking up a shitton of Indian food and Trader Joe’s wine. Thank FSM the Dux and the Tree aren’t playing each other.
@Dodgerblue: I was going to set up an open thread for the Rose Bowl (2 pm PST/5 pm EST, for the non-Sport editorz). @Dodgerblue: I thought I saw on the LAT that Occupy Pasadena will be marching?

@Dodgerblue: According to your local fishwrap, they’re meditating in the park.

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