Portland, Oregon (1974)

For nojo – I can pick out a ’62 Ford Galaxie and three Pontiacs. Anyone else?

Portland, Oregon (February 1974) [Hemmings Blog]

Top row, L-R: ’58 Chevy, Pontiac, Rambler circa ’60, ’56 Chevy Wagon. Second row: ’56 Chevy, the aforementioned Galaxie, Studebaker wagon, Pontiac sitting on a possible Buick. Next row: ’60s Olds. Could that possibly be a Studie wagon at the bottom? The odds would be astronomical that you’d find two that close together in the same junkyard auto salvage yard.

T/J: Brees broke Marino’s single-season passing record tonight.

Thank you! Back in the ’60s I was an encyclopedia of auto makes and models. I’d be living in Ultrabadtown if I could ID the white car with the missing trunk lid. However, can someone please check for accuracy?

@matador1015: thanks – my abilities lie in very late 50s cars and 60s cars. I can do 70s thru high school, but then it gets a bit shaky …

Too old to remember all those, but here’s everything I’ve ever owned [or parents did*]. [Bought new**] Started driving at 15 in late 1955.

1952 Henry J*
1954 Plymouth with pushbutton Auto trans.*
1958 Rambler*
1940 Chevy* [3 on the floor; great in Wisconsin snow]
1961 Ford Falcon* [they gave it to me when I graduated college]
1968 Pontiac Firebird**
1972 Datsun 240Z** [sold to someone to rebuild in 2008, with 233,000 miles]
1983 Nissan pickup in 1988
1997 Nissan pickup**
2009 Nissan GT-R**

That’s ten since 1955 when I started driving alone; 56 years.

That’s five since 1968 when I bought my first on my own; 43 years, and brand-loyal to Datsun/Nissan for 44 years and four cars on 26 January 2012, the day I got my Z.

I made ’em last. That’s why you see all those others as junkers.

@RevZafod: all those Datsuns and Nissans … my girlfriend’s dad has a Nissan garage in Okinawa. Can we do a few laps around a track in the GT-R? I’ll be gentle, I promise.

@blogenfreude: I’ll be in SW Virginia in late April. You have my contact info. Send me a phone number sometime and we can discuss options. I’m going to let a few of my Brother Rats drive it; why not you? Maybe not a track, but I’m working on other safe options. No more info in public.

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