Bix Beiderbecke – Singin’ the Blues

Frankie Trumbauer first on sax, then Bix. Jazz …


I’ll add it to the hard drive Music Box in my GT-R.

@RevZafod: I would listen to anything thru the sound system of a Nissan GT-R … it’s Bose?

@blogenfreude: Yep; 11 speaker Bose system in the Premium model which was only $3k more for that sound, and side-curtain airbag upgrades. Can play from CD or Compact Flash card mp3s; save CD to hard drive. Fantastic car for cross-country trips. I drove it from Dallas to DC for my 50th HS reunion 18 days after I got it, and it’s the first car I’ve ever owned that I could drive 8-12 hours, get out, stretch, and feel great with no pain, and I was 67 at the time.

Gonna do the trip again in April to my 50th at VMI in Lexington, VA.

Going, I’ll take a northern route thru KY and WV to get twistier roads and shorter times in the primitive backward state of Virginny, which is the only state [along with DC] that doesn’t allow radar detectors. A bit longer than thru Knoxville, but more fun. It’s only about 100 miles more, and if I like it I’ll go home the same way.

BTW, the GT-R feels a bit rough and crude at city speeds. You need to hit at least 60 before it feels smooth, and better 80 or more. It wasn’t built to drive to the grocery store… but I do anyway.

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