“Good luck…you’re going to need it.”

Those were the words directed to Mittens this morning after he told a gay Vietnam vet in New Hampshire that he didn’t think the same-sex spouses of veterans should receive survivors’ benefits. 

Oh, if you were wondering, Mittens spent the late ’60s/early ’70s at Stanford, BYU, Harvard Business School, and tootling around France trying to convert cheese-eating surrender monkeys to the Mormon church.  Two deferments. Must have been nice.

Video after the jump. At least his hair looks good, though a little Mayor McDreamy slick for my taste.

[ MSNBC Flash video not available. ]

Plus his five sons (all of military age) who were “serving” US America by helping his failed campaign while avoiding the 21st Century versions of the war he avoided.

@ManchuCandidate: Look, if Dakota, Explorer, Cheyenne, F-150 and Bronco just had more time off from their hedge funds, they’d be totally psyched to collaborate in our endless, failed, apocalyptic invasions and occupations. Their problem has always been that they work too hard!

@¡Andrew!: You mean this awkward comment?

Which one/two of the boys do you think has teh ghey? You know you’d bang all of them like a squeaky screen door.

ADD: Tagg? Is he related to Trigg or Tripp or WolfTrapp Palin?

@SanFranLefty: Oh wow, that first article was from ’07.

How long has Mitler been running for preznalent?

a) 9 years
b) 90 years
c) 9,000 years

Hint: It’s not a trick question and past lives do count.

Let’s not lose sight of the most important aspect of this clip: he does not use product on his hair.

Had I been there I would have pointed out that it’s true that the writers of the constitution did not envision same-sex marriage.

That is true.

However, neither did they envision cell phones, TV, or mormons.

i have not been ignoring you good people, i have taken a break from politics, as they have taken a break from me.
let’s vote on hair the way the founders prob did. who wore the grooviest powdered wig and had the most money. the good old fashioned american way!!

i did not see our new york stinquers on my recent trip.i was locked in a dressing room in bloomingdales. yes, really. or in my dad’s hospital room.
no rejoicing yet, i’ll be back there in 5 weeks.

@baked: What are you smoking lately? “Pineapple Express Kush” here, no joke.

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