Perhaps Running for President to Sell Books Wasn’t Such a Good Idea After All

“This is cause for reassessment.” —Herman Cain! on a conference call with senior staff this morning, discussing “this recent firestorm that hit the news yesterday”. [NRO]


@flippin eck: I saw a clip of him yesterday on CNN Asia (I’m in Beijing) where he said he would stay in the race as long as it’s OK with his wife. Right away I thought: exit strategy.

So just so we’ve all got this straight:

A history of sexual harrasment of female employees = no big deal.

A long running consentual affair = dealbreaker for GOP primary voters.

@Serolf Divad: That’s because sexual harassment does not exist to them. It’s just whiny bitches who don’t know how to take a complement.

Neighbor to moi just now, after exchanging comments about Newt v. Mitt: “You should write a blog about this thing.”

Hey, my parents don’t know, either.

@nojo: You haven’t made business cards for yourself yet?

@SanFranLefty: I have unused business cards going back fifteen years. Everything I do is word-of-mouth.

I predict that if Herman Cain! doesn’t drop out in the next 24 to 48 hours, a baby mama will emerge within a week.

@nojo: Can’t you just refer them to some Senator’s site and say “I’m trying”?

@Dodgerblue: Any chance you can catch an evening flight to Nihon? A Stinque Up at a Narita bar would be friggin awesome. I’ve got a few hours before I board for there, although I think my ETA is sometime Thursday AM. Freaking time zones, how do they work?

@Nabisco: My God, but this site is so glamorous! International pan-Asian stinqu-ups! I myself will be filming in Manhattan next week.

@Benedick: Glamour? Glamour was airtravel in a jacket and a tie, driving out to the local airport when Gramma would arrive from six hours away, carrying that mysterious strong box that contained all the potions she required to make herself look animate in between the sweet coffee and heavy ciggy smoke that she required before her blessed passing. Glamour was when I could only get into one of these “lounges” on a wing or a prayer – or when my company paid me to fly business. Glamour was when you didn’t travel with five different electronic devices that needed charging at every stop – all you needed was a stiff drink, the business journal, and a perky broad* to freshen up that drink.

*used ironically, my stinquistas.

Now it is just drudgery. Hauling ass between terminals in Bangkok airport to make sure I am close as possible to my gate, scrounging for an electrical socket among the pleather seats, and gulping free water and mildly fresh papaya as the clock ticks towards a midnight boarding time.

I myself will be filming in Manhattan next week.

I have dental inplants to begin next week. Narcotic pain med script is already pinned to the bulletin board at the homestead. Could be the highlight of an otherwise jet lagged week.

@Nabisco: Are you sure you’re not English?

Speaking of glamour, I remember flying on Dakotas by myself when I was 5-9. I would be handed to a stewardess – as they were then known – in London who took charge of me for the duration of the flight to Scotland. Invariably I would be taken up to the captain’s cabin where we would discuss gladiator movies while he let me play with his joystick. Happy days.

@Nabisco: PS. Fingers crossed you got the ‘good’ pain killers.

@Benedick: Vicodin, my friend. I intend to endure the pain and use the meds for pleasure.

@Benedick: Fraternal grandmother’s side, yes. Scotch Irish on the other, with Prussian and Slavic blood in between. Imagine the border skirmishes that play out in my gene pool.

where are you filming dearest? i am leaving friday for a week in manhatten…
dare i hope to hug you?

i just got home from the doctor 10 minutes ago. he shot up my sciatic nerve with cortisone and increased my morphine. loaded for bear so i can walk to bloomies.
good luck with the implants! rat has 4, piece of cake with vikies…
getting old is fucking expensive, ain’t it?

@baked: I might just be around. I expect to be at Silvercup.

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