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Selections from the IMDb “Parents Guide” for the new Muppet movie.

  • A female muppet kisses a male muppet.
  • A male muppet kisses a chicken muppet.
  • A muppet tells another muppet to imagine an audience of humans naked.

  • An older muppet jokes that half of the audience of the movie is not alive.
  • Several muppets in a car drive erratically down a street.
  • A muppet uses a blowtorch to clean moldy food from a refrigerator.
  • A muppet plays the drums on the heads of four small fuzzy creatures, and they squeak “ouch.”
  • A hippy that looks like Willie Nelson sings the word “high” as a solo in a song, possibly implying drug use.
  • 1 mild anatomical term, name-calling (sausage snout, freaks, weirdoes, hippy-dippy, idiot), exclamations.
  • Nothing frightening, since the film is for children.
Parents Guide for The Muppets [IMDb, via @pourmecoffee]

Oh well. I’ll bet these were the same types of people who hated Looney Tunes Cartoons.

– The movie is directed by the director of Flight of the Conchords

– Three of the songs in the movie were written by Kiwi comedian Bret McKenzie (from FotC)

If it’s half as funny as the first Muppet Movie, I can’t wait to go see it!

A friend of mine’s sister worked on a couple of Muppet Movies. At the wrap party they would show a tape of the hilarious outtakes showing muppets doing and saying horrible hilarious things to each other. After showing it, the single copy would be destroyed so as not to traumatize anyone’s innocence.

I have a bunch of friends who have muppet-like puppets, and they do a regular improv show based on first-date stories. They are not, as you might reasonably expect, PG. One of the puppets is a bald, naked pink one who was originally crafted to be a premature baby. He gets picked out of the pile a surprising amount of the time.

For instance: This picture

willie nelson christmas carol:
“…let not mankind bogart love”

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