Occupy Zombies

Ten thousand zombies gathered in Mexico City on Saturday to protest the 1% living break the Guinness world record, set by Asbury Park’s 4,093 Undead last year.

[via Raw Story]

Speaking of zombies, anybody watching The Walking Dead? Really good show.

@blogenfreude: They’ve been stuck at the fucking farmhouse all fucking season.

Silent Creative Partner recommends American Horror Story, an over-the-top gothic romp. But you really have to start from the beginning. Or just choose any episode and enjoy Jessica Lange vamping it up.

@nojo: “You are NOT a pretty girl! You’ve NEVER been a pretty girl!”

@nojo: If it were me the vinyl ghost would would look more like a beach ball.

what channel/time? are you watching “Homeland?” excellent! sunday night 10 o’clock, showtime… your monty hall maths gave me a headache and i’m going to smack you next week in new york.
whenever monty is mentioned, it is my duty to remind you all that i dated his son, richard, while i was having a nervous breakdown and throwing plates in DC. and to make nojo jealous.

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