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Title: “Being George Washington: The Indispensable Man, as You’ve Never Seen Him”

Author: Glenn Beck

Rank: 30

Blurb: “If Washington had been perfect, then there would be no way to build another one.”

Review: “George Washington is America’s hero who belongs to us all regardless of your political persuasion. The only exclusion to the Washington hero rule would be Kenyan born, Indonesian trained Marxists and people with names like Piven, Sunstein and Jones amongst some other sad-sack pinkos.”

Customers Also Bought: “The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers” by David Barton

Footnote: The 1776 Glenne Becke would more likely use a blackboard to show how the subversive domestic terrorists were backed by a foreign power with a suspicious religion.

Being George Washington [Amazon]

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AIYEEEEEE! I do NOT need to see Crying Dough Boy sez “Please Don’t Shove that Scope up My Ass, Oh, Healthcare is Abysmal, Wait! No Healthcare for ME is less than I Deserve, but FUCK the Rest of YOU” first thing in the morning.

Customers Also Bought: “The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers” by David Barton

Once again, the Mormoni try to distance the temple rituals from Freemasonry, cuz it’s not derivative, yaw!

@Nojo: Stop it with the Mormons! You know how it sets me off and makes me more pedantic than usual.

Google Earth is showing the house with its new roof and a car parked outside. I’m creeped out.

@JNOV will finish this lovely sweater today or bust: Mozart was a Mason. The Osmonds are Mormons. I think that pretty much sums up the difference.

@Benedick: Oh, because I know you care, that darn cat is out again, catting around. I think I know what happened on Turkey Day: When no one was home, someone accidentally drove into the back part of the driveway (it unfortunately connects two streets), and knocked down and drove over a laundry pole, knocked down a fence, ran over some planters, tore up the lawn, and basically made a mess of things.

S/he should have just driven straight through the driveway to the other street instead of drunkenly freaking the fuck out when the motion sensor lights came on.

I think Princess hid out under the shed until she got over the trauma of seeing such destruction (looks like it was an SUV or a truck based on the tread marks). I don’t know what her excuse is now. Maybe she’s looking for a safer place to live.

And now, we’re off to the vet so Lily and Boop (I did not name these cats!) can get their rabies shots and claw everyone up. Princess must’ve heard the plan, and she’s really the one that needs this shot. We’ll get her…

You know who based their political ideas on the concept of the indispensable man?

@Benedick: I’m on my way! Can you see the carbon offset [redacted–you know, like we need more people invading your space]?

Nihao feom Beijing. The all-benevolent government here is unaware of Mr. Li and his fellow travelers. Plus, my hotel room has a mini-bar and I’m on an expense account.

Re: 1776 Glenne Becke – does imagining the 1776 version get his Tory ass tarred-and-feathered make me a bad person? ;)

No, but the 1776 Glenne Becke would have been a relocated Canada City Loyalist who hated US America and US Americans.

So nothing really would have changed.

“If Washington had been perfect, then there would be no way to build another one.” – This is in reference to building a George Washington cyborg, right?

@SanFranLefty: 7 hours late. And did they give us all free booze? Noooooo.

Okay — after three months, Apple Store wants me to come interview. I read about the slave labor conditions in some of these places, but thanks to Ruby and to cutting my teeth on a monochrome Macintosh back in the day, they think they want me — for what, I have no idea.

Pros? Cons? It might be worth the discount.

ETA: I do get a discount, right?

The book coincides with Beck bringing his mega media corp to the Metroplex (DFW and parts all around) and the exhibition at the Ft. Worth science Museum: “Discover the Real George Washington: New Views from Mount Vernon” . Sorry Dallas, you lose again: Washington’s teeth are exclusively on display in Ft. Worth.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:
Washington had several sets of dentures. The dentures in Ft. Worth are said to have been made from ivory and cow in a lead base. “Yanked from slaves” seems an apocryphal story.

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