Grateful Dogs

On a day of cultivating gratitude, I present to you some very happy and grateful dogs.

First, the stray dog in Afghanistan who made friends with a U.S. Marine and joined him in SoCal today:

And if you want your brain to splatter into little pieces, check out the litter of puppehs found at the recycling center in Watsonville:

P.S. Happy birthday, PromNight!


A friend of mine breeds Marlborough Newfoundlands. She has 20 puppies from two litters. Anyone need a Newfie?

Need a Newfie? No.
Need Newfie puppeh pictures? Yes.

Awwwww… who’s a good doggie? Who’s a good dogg…

Um, er. Nothing to see here.

/re: warm fuzzies/

Have ya’ll seen the new Australian marriage equality ad?

It’s def good for an “awwwwww… so sweet moment.” Very unique direction and great acting.

And I filled in my own Aussie dialogue, like “let’s go rassle some crocs,” and “krikey, somebody let out the hoozeewozle,” plus of course “yah kahl thatta rang? This is ah rang!”

I’m compelled to add that I’d hit hubby-bear so hard it’d be a 69/11.

FSM bless us, every one.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Short for Promnightdumpsterbaby. Or did you forget? Darling, do you remember what day it is? The president? Your phone number?

@¡Andrew!: Another excuse to cough a carpet. But why is everyone 12 and gorgeous? Why is life pain free and always summer? WIt’s very pretty and very well done but I don’t think this helps the cause. It looks to me like straight people congratulating themselves on how gay-friendly they are. Like the current off-Broadway collection of short plays about marriage populated entirely by straight actors.

@Benedick: Attractive people sell things–whether it’s shoes or hamburgers or human rights–it’s a sociological fact of life.

And it’s not all perfetc: (SPOILER ALERT) They got into an argument about driving directions while on vacation (relatable!) and hubby-bear’s mama died went to meet the big sheila in the sky. Drama!

Jesus. Got to search around the cages in animal control for a lost cat today. That’s after I was wandering around Bang Bang Shootem Up in my PJ bottoms at three and then at five and then at 11 AM. She’s home now. I’ll read her the riot act once I get over the glee.

@JNOV will never finish this fucking sweater!: Glad to hear it. Spoil her. Like you aren’t already.

@¡Andrew!: All right. They can ne pretty. Ignore me. I’m just a surly old crank.

@Lefty: not to be a spoil sport, but bringing strays home from Afpakistan is the modern equivalent of leaving baby mommas behind in Vietnam.

They’re fantastic street dogs, really, and seem to domesticate really well, but I’m getting a little tired of all the Embassy types coming out of their obligatory 10 month tours with Conan the Afghan pup taking up half* the conversation.

*The other half is usually how that mandatory tour has earned them a promotion for a lot of times no more than just hunkering down in the Kompound and riding out their days.

@¡Andrew!: I was wrong. Just showed it to the hubby. I think the lead was cast to look ‘ordinary’. It’s very well done and I’m an asshole.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Don’t think I didn’t get that.

@Benedick: where does your pack sleep? Bella just rounded 100 pounds and sleeps between me and rat. we play musical bed spots every night. if one of us starts to fall off the bed, we get out and scooch around the other side. it speaks volumes about a marriage when a couple elects to have a mastiff between them in bed.
no, i’m not over it.

@baked: Pugs and dachshund in (very big) bed. If pugs start playing, dachshund gets down in disgust. Big boxery dog likes to start in bed then gets down. Sleeping between us is the favored puppy spot. We have had as many as five in the bed so this isn’t too bad.

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