Girls! Girls! Girls!

“A new woman alleging sexual harassment by presidential hopeful Herman Cain[!] will break her silence at a news conference with her powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred Monday afternoon in New York City, is exclusively reporting.”


When will the RW start loudly decrying the media’s wholehearted embrace of the myth of the oversexed black man?

Looks like they’re already riding that train:

” . . . now that his campaign is floundering due to the emergence of sexual harassment allegations made when he ran the National Restaurant Assn. in the 1990s, Cain has advanced the idea that his race may be to blame for the controversy.

“Many of Cain’s defenders say the racial implications of the accusations are inescapable.

“The ‘oversexed black man’ is one of the most powerful negative charges,” said Niger Innis, a friend of Cain’s who runs the Congress for Racial Equality, a conservative group. “It has had a traumatic effect on the American psyche for 200 years.”,0,7379165.story

It seems the Vast RW conspiracy machine used on the Clintons has been turned on ole Hermie. All we need now is Hermie being taped saying “Where the White Women at?”

Living up to the spirit of Ronnie “don’t bad mouth fellow Republicans” Raygun, right?

@ManchuCandidate: there weren’t any black republican’ts when reagan said what he said. so republican’ts get a break on this one and can get away with it without breaking ronnie’s rules, technically. kinda like ” all men are created equal.” evidently the teabaggers just figured out cain is black. did anyone ever see the espn magazine article featuring a white tinted michael vick?

why doesn’t fox noise do the same with cain and make all his problems go away?

@redmanlaw: After all, Bubba was our first Black President.

Allred is known in the L.A. legal community as not a great lawyer, but a world-class publicity seeker.

@Dodgerblue: She’s also known for that in the journalism community…

@nojo: Someone famously called her a “slick butch lawyeress,” after which she softened her look.

Cain’s even, er, allegedly sleazier than I thought.

White lady… ooops. I suspect that now secksual herrassment will probably matter to Teabaggers and they’ll blame Barry for it.

Let’s check in with Memeorandum…

Woman: Herman Cain put hand up my skirt (USA Today)

Accuser Details Lewd Behavior by Cain (NYT)

CAIN ACCUSER: Herman Cain Grabbed My Head And Pushed It Toward His Crotch (Business Insider)

BREAKING: Cain accuser says candidate groped her in 1997 (CNN)

Allred: Cain offered client ‘his idea of a stimulus package’ (Politico)

WSJ/NBC Poll: Allegations Against Cain Don’t Concern Most GOP Voters (WSJ)

Mission accomplished.

@ManchuCandidate: see, the teabaggers are right. just another liberty lost under O’bama.

@Benedick: I thought I was in charge of the Chicago references.

@redmanlaw: I see what you did there.

It’s always been sad about Michael, you know? He never had a chance.

@Dodgerblue: Those guys could really write a tune (original staging by Fosse didn’t hurt either). Fred Ebb had a kind of miracle ability to take a colloquial phrase and hang a whole song off it: life is a cabaret; the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree; the grass is always greener; why should I wake up?; all that jazz; nowadays; etc. Johnny Mercer had a similar talent: eg. on the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe. Effortless to sing, completely conversational. Maybe when he got ‘artistic’ (Zorba; aspects of The Rink) it didn’t work so well. But at their best they are peerless. The score for Scottsboro Boys has glorious stuff in it. Did you see this? Fantastic writing, singing, staging (Susan Stroman), design. This is the kind of lyrical dynamic writing and singing that is being smothered by the howling from Glee, Wicked, etc. Oh well. What were we saying?

@Benedick: Yup, saw it on the Tony Awards last year. That’s a big night Chez Dodger. And speaking of Cyd Charisse (weren’t we?), how about this: My mother-in-law was a pro dancer in the movies, said Cyd was very warm and friendly. Same with Gene Kelly.

And then there’s this. It’s noje’s fave dance from the movies that doesn’t involve Sarah Brightman and I must say I think I agree.

Revenge, like pizza, is best served cold.

@Dodgerblue: I groaned as soon as I saw Allred’s name.

@Benedick: I’m not sure I have a favorite dance. Too many to narrow down.

Cyd in Singin’ gets a vote from my dad, though.

@Dodgerblue and nojo: In the Joe Schmo Community, she’s known as an attention whore. Once upon a time I think she had a legit case for a sympathetic client and appeared to really care about justice.

@JNOV the Insult Comic JD: Poor Joe. I grew up watching the Ali-Frazier duets, and never could understand why his head didn’t pop off like my blue and red guys in Rock ’em Sock ’em always did.

@JNOV the Insult Comic JD: I truly believe he lived in a state of arrested development from childhood on and did not know right from wrong. Not to go all pop psychologist here, but if you look at Neverland, his many failed attempts at cultivating normal adult relationships, his childlike sense of wonder at his fame and fandom, etc., it suggests a very juvenile mentality.

@flypaper: Right?! Yeah, he’d wander around his gym wearing a suit vest (I think he had a shirt on underneath), wine cooler in hand, barking at the boxers. Interesting guy. There was some sports fantasy show in the late ’80s, and one guy’s fantasy was to fight Michael Spinks. That episode was filmed in Frazier’s gym. :-)

BTW, I hate boxing. My dad used to watch it all the time, and I was like, “So the objective of this sport is to beat the tar outta each other?”

@mellbell: I don’t doubt it, but kids tend to play doctor with their peers. He had enough money to cut off his nose; he could have paid for therapy.

@JNOV etc: Its about POINTS, doll (said my dad the machinist to my mom whenever she asked the same thing).

@MellBell: Look at his kids – at least one of them (Prince? Blanket? Fiddler?) is biological, but I guess that doesn’t always require any more adult imvolvement than a call to Dr Breedlove.

@flypaper: Yeah, my dad was like, “It’s about skill.” Pfft. Sit ringside, get splattered with blood, sweat, and saliva, and tell me it’s not about knocking someone unconscious. Dad is now disgusted by boxing. Reminds me too much of “Battle Royale.”

If football doesn’t reign itself in soon, it’ll be the new blood sport, esp for high school athletes whose bodies are often broken beyond repair before they finish growing.

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