Stow Your Popcorn

“Herman Cain[!]’s wife, Gloria, will not be appearing on the Fox News Channel on Friday night after all, a person close to the talks told the Caucus.” [NYT]


Speaking of popcorn, would anybody like to watch me bitch to a client that “$5 million dollar” is redundant?

@nojo: Oh, that’s a popcorn kernel. I thought it was a malformed mango.

@mellbell: I was thinking shallot, but then again I would.

@nojo: Speaking of popcorn, Orly’s baaaaaccccckkkk….

@blogenfreude: It’s been a while since you or PromNight have posted some food pron. What’s on the menu this weekend? Should we do a Thanksgiving recipe open thread sometime next week so we can all swap our favorite recipes and all have a very Stinquey holiday? BTW, I am horrified to realize how soon Thanksgiving will be upon us.

@SanFranLefty: We’ll be celebrating Turkey Day by roasting a Virginian.

@SanFranLefty: Haha! Every time I type, “O rly,” I think of that loon.


She certainly fits into the mainstream of the Repub party these days.

It isn’t as if the Cal Repubs have anyone better to run (who could possibly get the nomination).

@Walking Still: Hey Walking, I’m on the planning committee for the Yosemite boondoggle next year. Give me a shout in the sandbox if you have any ideas for panels. Maybe we could figure out a way to get Lefty to attend.


I’m not on Facebook (long story). I don’t have an email addy at home for you, but if you want to send me one at hugh404[at], I’ll send you some suggestions.

Another freaking East Bay earthquake.

It’s only a 3.2. But I really don’t like this pattern of noticeable quakes centered right near my house. The Hayward Fault is overdue.

@Walking Still: I hope you didn’t buy into this urban myth that had all my Beserkeley-residing coworkers freaking out.

@Walking Still: Will do. I’m going to hit up RML for ideas too. How about a panel with him, you and Lefty?


That story didn’t worry me. My sister and her husband are geophysicists, so I’m pretty much up to speed on our inability to predict earthquakes.

That said, the Hayward fault is overdue for some serious action. So whenever we get one of these twitches, I have to wonder if it is going to turn into something serious.


That would be big fun. However, you may have trouble finding a good subject matter expertise overlap (other than trashing Republicans).

@Walking Still: How about: Environmental Crimes On Tribal Lands — Worth The Death Penalty?


That’ll get you SFL and RML. Unfortunately, my tribal work is very limited other than one minor action against Peabody Coal 27 years ago.

@Dodgerblue: The Navajo Nation president wants EPA to back the fuck off on power plants located on their tribal lands.

I don’t know what kind of conference you guys are talking about, but my environmental work for tribes has included major FLPMA land exchanges with a cultural resources/NHPA component, analysis of proposed solid waste sites, cultural resource protection,transport of n-waste across tribal lands, and lots of NEPA work including a case where the tribe wanted to take land into trust for a casino site in the face of local opposition. We also advised tribal school clients on the implementation of a EPA-BIA settlement for environmental law violations where BIA told the schools, which were not parties to the settlement, “here – it’s your problem. Deal with it.”

@redmanlaw: I’m serious about this for next October. Let’s talk in the sandbox.

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