A Vast Right-Wing Clusterfuck

Correction of the Day, from wingnut Pajamas Media: “A previous version of this story mentioned that a source witnessed Cain[!] and the woman entering a taxi together. This was incorrect. The previous version also mentioned that the woman awoke in Cain[!]’s bed — the source only claimed that the woman awoke in Cain[!]’s apartment. The previous version incorrectly attributed comments from one source to the other source.” [via Weigel]


Of course all of this serves to obscure the fact that Cain and the other GOP candidates seen intent on destroying any vestige of kindness left in the U.S. (and that’s not much).

@Dodgerblue: “a sign of how feeble the world’s efforts are at slowing man-made global warming”

Don’t you need efforts before you can call them feeble?

It’s not like Wingnuts are going to say anything like that. Notice their silence about the physicist who said the climatologists were full of shit and then after redoing the math discovered that they were right all along.

@Dodgerblue: AP is running a series this week on the drought in Texas. Good thing it’s all a myth.

That Koch-funded climate change skeptic who has now changed his tune was in Santa Fe to present papers this week. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/localnews/Onetime-warming-doubter-brings-new-view-to-S-F–

A new meme I heard this past week is that surface temperatures are rising on other planets in our system, so obviously the Sun and not man is to blame. (Yes, I said “man.” The ladies skate on this one.”)

I actually wonder if my little patch of earth will become uninhabitable. I was looking up at the mountain at the ancestral homeland the other day when we were there to honor our ancestors. “How long will we be able to live here?” I thought. In a show of youthful optimism, however, Son of RML got a new snowboard this year.

B-52s, “Private Idaho” with the late great Ricky Wilson on guitar.

. . . coming to you tonight from Farmington, New Mexico . . .

And at 11:50 pm PT November 3, Santa is featured in a television commercial. This lump of coal is for you, T-Mobile!

We have an unusually early, cold winter storm in So Cal today, perhaps even affecting Casa Nojo down in Navyville. A good day to stay in a warm bed with one’s love bunny.

@nojo: You must not watch enough teevee — saw a K-Mart “We’ve brought back layaway for Xmas” ad two weeks ago. Depressed me on a multitude of levels.

@Dodgerblue: So chilly up here in Ess Eff this morning! It was in the 70s on Wednesday – WTF?

@SanFranLefty: All I know is I finally get to go to Bananna and buy me some new sweaters this weekend!

And you people don’t believe in God! Look at the lengths he’s gone to to provide me with some retail therapy.

@Dodgerblue: Days like this, I’m comforted knowing it’s 39 in Eugene, with a high of 48.

@nojo: Yes, I laugh about things like that daily myself. Suck it, Fargo!

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Weather as Schadenfreude.

Also, I lived there forty years. I’ve earned it.

@nojo: My childhood was spent in South Lake Tahoe. Meyers, to be exact. I know what a ten-foot snowdrift looks like. Also how much work it takes to get from your house to the street when it dumps like that overnight.

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