It Doesn’t Count When You Say It In Spanish

[The Blaze]

Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé…

It must have been singing that in high school that turned me into a socialist.

@finette: Arise, ye prisoners of starvation . . .

If I were an awesome site god I would check to see if some humble acolyte was trying to post something but was being blocked by its useless (but very expensive) IT provider. I would take time out from my romping poolside with objects of affection (see what I did there) and take pity on shriveled Limeys desperately reaching out for some kind of human feeling that doesn’t involve speedos.

@Benedick: Or eating dinner while cheering Barney Frank telling Rachel that Occupy is bullshit without actual voting.

In other historical news, I was made to, as a grade schooler, recite La Marseillaise when learning about the French Revolution, and memorize the third verse of the German national anthem (the first verse about Deuschland ueber alles is now verboten in polite circles; the third verse about unity and freedom serves as the modern republic’s national anthem–reunification between East and West happened around the same time as we learned it) as well.

It has been a multinational, UN plot to subvert America’s children that’s been going on since the George H.W. Bush administration.

And as my current commie faggot pinko beliefs now show, it totally worked.

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