But Transubstantiation is Perfectly Legit

Our guest columnist is Rick Perry supporter and Generals International cofounder Cindy Jacobs, praising Perry’s August prayer meeting. Generals International is devoted to “achieving societal transformation through intercession and the prophetic”.

So you go and so you study the area and you find out what happened, what did the indigenous people worship, you know?

And… and… and… if they did blood sacrifice, like, we found some areas where they were very violent because the former culture was a murderous violent… like in Texas here and all the coast around Houston and Galveston and some other areas the Native American people were cannibals, you know?

And they ate people.

And so you could see a manifestation of that in the churches where people turned against people and kinda cannibalized other people’s ministries.

So there’s been a lot of prayer over that in Houston, Texas. They’ve done a lot of intercession over that and broke the curses on the land and we just had a prayer meeting in Houston a little week ago, the governor of Texas really as an individual instigated this. Thirty-five thousand people showed up to pray and… so what happened, the land is starting to rejoice, you see, because of that prayer.

Perry Touts Immigration Record While Supporter Praises ‘The Response’ for Breaking ‘Cannibal’ Indians’ ‘Curses on the Land’ [Indian Country Today, via RML]

Mmmm . . . Baptists . . . .

Ancient Indian curses amuse me.

Wasn’t this an episode of King Of The Hill?

The real curse on Houston is the petro-chemical industry. From bayou to toxic waste site in 180 years.

I thought Hakeem Olajawon and the Rockets broke the curse on Houston’s land. I’m pretty sure that’s why Joel Osteen moved his church into the Summit.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: And the sub-curse is the Bush family. They probably own Houston and all the horrible businessmen therein.

OT/ Canada City all politics is local news.

The Libruls didn’t lose! The Libruls didn’t lose.

In provincial election news, the Libruls have already been declared the winner in the election. Odd one too because they were behind in the polls by almost 10 points at the start. The Tory (our GOPers) leader, Tim Hudek, pushed an offensive based on LOW TAXES. Might have worked if taxes was a top issue. It was ranked 4th behind Healthcare, the economy and infrastructure which all require taxes. Then he pissed off a lot of tinted people by referring to us as “foreigners” which I thought was rich because Hudek’s granpapy was Czech and I know at that particular time Eastern Euros were viewed as furrin and looked down up. What made matters worse for the Tories was that their leader Hudek was the former health minister under the previous Tory gubbiment when Ontario was last in most Canada City healthcare metrics… even though we put the most money in the system. They laid off lot of good nurses who went to US America for big $$. So Dalton McGuinty, the man who looks a lot like Tony Perkins, wins another term as Premier of Ontario.

Don’t know if it will be a large minority or small majority though.

“we found some areas where they were very violent because the former culture was a murderous violent… like in Texas here and all the coast around Houston and Galveston and some other areas…”

I thought they were talking about sites of lynchings. Because if they are going to do intercession and prayer on every one of those, they’ve got their work cut out for them.

Cal 15, Oregon 14 at the half. Cal just missed a long last second field goal.

@redmanlaw: I just asked my favorite Duck when the hell Oregon became the “Fighting Ducks” and adopted lime green as their team color. He sighed and cursed Nike.

@SanFranLefty: I can’t answer to the lime green — and I can give you the official dark green Pantone number on request — but Fighting Ducks goes back as long as I can remember.

Footnote: Coach Jerry Frei hated “Ducks” so much, he insisted on “Big Green” instead.

@SanFranLefty: And does your favorite Duck not remember the, um, Fight Song?

Go Ducks go!
Fight Ducks fight!
Win Ducks win!

Gimme ten minutes, and I can remember the trumpet part.

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