Reality is Just a Social Construct

Occupy Wall Street scores again: “A crowd of more than 2,000 people marched up Broadway, past a closed City Hall Park, under the arch of the Municipal Building and massed outside what some mistakenly thought was NYPD headquarters. But most of the chanting horde plopped down in front of One St. Andrew’s Plaza, which houses the U.S. Attorney’s Office, not the NYPD.” [Daily News]


Ira Glass tells the Philip Glass knock-knock joke:


Who’s there?


Who’s there?


Who’s there…

Punchline: Ira and Philip are cousins.

@nojo: I think I heard that on Maron’s podcast … that’s six kinds of meta.

@blogenfreude: Which I’m listening to right now. Thus…


Hey I finally found one for the str8 men and lez-bee-ins of Stinque. She is a Bri-tish woman eating the National Meal (fish & french fries?) on a day in which it is apparently 1,001 degrees. Yowza!

@nojo: Maron is such a gift … I would not make it through the week without his podcast.

@blogenfreude: Sikent Creative Partner recommended him, but it took me a while to develop a taste — I can even suffer the self-obsessive openings now.

But what I really like is that he engages his guests in conversation — which is not an easy thing to do. Maron asks good questions, but he doesn’t come off as an interviewer.

Listen to him w/ Jonathan Winters if you can find it. Pretty amazing what he gets people to talk about.

@¡Andrew!: That’s a ‘heritage’ meal. The English national dish is actually curry and chips.

@Benedick: Have pretzels hit England yet? And have you ever tried to describe pretzels to somebody who’s never heard of them?

@nojo: We English scoff at pretzels. Real men eat crisps.

I’m trying to think of what circumstances could possibly apply that would make me want to do that. Might have to improv it out.

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