Love Me Or Leave Me

Given the Republican assault on our sexually left-leaning homosexualists the question is: How much gay is too gay? Why must they shove it down our throat? And should we allow our interior decorators to have the same civil rights as normal people?

So what is the answer?


Everyone should have the same rights but the goddam hippies. GET A JERB!

Seriously, though, this is sad. Think it could happen again?

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That:
Sadly and unfortunately and horribly thanks to us stupid humans who seem determined to reinvent the wheel, yes.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: I don’t think it could. Not in the West, at least. We now have too many international agreements and rulings in place. Can anyone seriously believe that homosexuality could ever be re-criminalized in the States? I don’t. Things are going to get uglier around the marriage issue and that could be stalled for a good long time but younger people today are much less tyrannized than older men were. I’m not sure that straight friends quite understand how liberating it is to see two men, or women, doing something simply romantic together. Particularly if neither party is gorgeous. We all live with a burden of shame that simple gestures of public affection slowly erode. The men in the 30s, 40s, 50s, lived in secret. And were tolerated so long as they didn’t draw attention to themselves. The secret world made them particularly vulnerable which is why it’s so important for people to try to free themselves of the closet though it must get tiring to have to listen to coming out stories all the time.

As Clifton Webb’s mother is supposed once to have said, “Clifton! Take that young man’s cock out of your mouth and come and have your breakfast!”

I look forward to the day we can all get over it and move on. And I love that song! Why did no one tell me! I can’t listen to Leonard Cohen sing but he does seem to write some v good songs! I suppose everyone but me knows that.

@Benedick: He wrote “Hallelujah”, though his version is not my favorite.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: There is nothing that will get me to listen to that voice but I do think that a fine song, too.

I no longer loved Facebook, so I left it today. I’m not going to bother with Google Plus or any other such service, at least for a while. I’ll probably get more shit done in the evenings.

@redmanlaw: As long as we don’t lose you here you have my permission.

I have one thing to say: littleneck clams.

@redmanlaw: I’ve been feeling the same thing lately, and may soon follow.

At this rate, we’ll all have to swap mailing addresses and send postcards.

@Nabisco: redmanlaw at gmail

Ever watch The Box Score at The Danettes dissect the day’s show, rib each other, go deeper on some subjects. Waaaay insidery, but pretty fun.

Re “the social media”: Great for adolescents. Grown-ups find they have better things to do: for instance, nurturing their relationships with a necessarily small group of significant others.

@lynnlightfoot: I would have been lost without social media when I moved 2000 miles away from the place where I’d spend most of my adult life, and I would still feel isolated without it. I think it would put too much pressure on my marriage if I didn’t have a way to interact with long-time friends every day.

I hear that FB is about to unveil a huge new redesign that will force us all to be fingerprinted and invoking the opt-out will cause a giant fist to come through the screen and smash you in the face. One’s page will begin with one’s date of birth and then contain every single fucking thing you ever posted, liked, poked, or farted. Ever.

I’m kind of tingly.

Oh my God I found a linque!

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