You Wanna Tell Mom?

Presenting the best iPhone commercial ever.

[via Rachel]

Good for him. That’s pretty ballsy to put that on camera.

I’m so glad that you posted this. I have to admit that I was fairly “meh” about DADT Repeal Day, but now I’ve watched all of his videos, and the fact that this gutsy small-town Alabama kid can come out to his father–and his father unconditionally supports him–is proof that It Is Getting Better.

Also, his slammin’ bod guarantees that he’ll be getting more ass than the stadium seats at the IMAX.

P.S. You’re welcome.

@¡Andrew!: What sold me on the video was his sheer relief at the end. Plus, of course, Awesome Dad, who doesn’t lose a beat offering his unconditional love.

And, the Daily Show runs the video too. Considering everywhere I’ve seen it, I think we have our official Times Square Kiss of Repeal Day.

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@nojo: I’m still praying to the FSM for a way to send lethal shocks back through the keyboards of Yahoo News and Seattle Times commenters.


@¡Andrew!: I have determined that reading comments on both Yahoo News and any newspaper website save the NYT is going to cause me to have a stroke. I couldn’t resist yesterday, though, out of curiosity — you should see the comments on the Troy Davis stories at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I don’t know if anyone’s just come out and said “Let’s kill us a _____!” yet because I lost my lunch at earlier remarks.

Also: Thank you for the photo. That made my day.

@¡Andrew!:@rptrcub: That sound you hear is gay boys lining up all over the country, hoping for the first crack at him, as it were.

@rptrcub: If you liked that one, you’ll luuuuuvv this one, posted to show “work out results.” Srsly, is there anything the kidz these dayz don’t post online?

Spank pix, git ‘cher spank pix here!

Add: In the next photo, he shows off his tan lines & dee-lishous treasure trail. CLICK TO ENLARGE. Ima gonna stop now.

And where’s General HF? I can’t believe he doesn’t have both hands on this ; )

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