How the Other Two Percent Lives

“By the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over.” –Louisiana GOP Congresscritter John Fleming, adding that “class warfare has never created a job”. [ThinkProgress]


Class warfare as defined by GOPers did.

Ah, but it could Rep. Fleming – just imagine how many jobs would be “created” if a couple hundred unemployed folks read this and decided to show up at your house and burn it to the ground. ;)

Seriously, though – this sort of “poor me, I only have hundreds of thousands in discretionary income” nonsense makes the Gilded Age plutocrats look like hippies…

Assholes, you know what a human sacrifice costs these days? People who’ve never run an enterprise just don’t understand the cost of doing business.

@FlyingChainSaw: You can’t just buy ONE 14-year-old Russian schoolgirl, you have to buy the whole set.

@mellbell: Very popular in 18th cent England. Gilded nuts to decorate your whim-wham. Excellent roughage for a nation obsessed with constipation.

I drew the line at crystalized violets.

We already know that “class warfare has never created a job.” The GOP has been proving that for years.

@Dodgerblue: He owns over 30 Subway Sandwich Shops. What do you think they eat? Not that drek.

Back in the 90’s I went to my nearby Subway to order dinner, I was so hungry. I ordered a roast beef on whole wheat. I saw the sandwich guy drool into the sandwich. I yelled at him. He claimed he had never done that before.

Recently I tried it again. The lady at the counter had a huge hairy black mole on her face. It brought back the trauma of the drool in my sandwich.Fuck Subway, Fuck Rep. Fleming, fuck his part time minimum wage jobs.

Before he feeds his family he has $600,000.00. After feeding them he’s left with just $400,000.00. And we wonder why Louisiana scores so poorly on the obesity index!

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