Santorum’s Campaign Staff as Imbecilic As the Brain-Damaged Candidope Himself

When the horse is hard, I plunge my mouth over his schlong in the name of our savior Jesus Christ and suck for everything I am worth

Rick Santorum at a campaign stop demonstrating how he would blow a donkey for a reporter who asked - about 10 minutes before he figured out he was being heckled.

Brain-damaged, weasel-faced GOP presidential candidate and punch line Rick Santorum is a man of epic stupidity.


His pets beat him at crazy eights, so much so his wife thew out all the playing cards in the house, because Santorum complained so much about them cheating.

A brick and a stuffed animal made it onto his college’s debating team – which he was never invited to join.

The glories of Santorum’s stupidity are nowhere so apparent as his campaign. Even a peanut-brained fucktard would understand that the campaign staff has to be intelligent enough at least to not make the candidate look like a barking idiot.

Not so our tire-biting candidate from Pennsyltucky. Check out the latest campaign letter to Santorum’s moronic legions. His campaign people are so fuckwitted, they could not even demonize dime-store tent revivalist Rick Perry without making assholes out of themselves and their candidate.

“Governor Rich Perry has been left to account for the terrible policy he put in place as governor of Texas – a policy of mandating young girls to receive an occulation for a sexually transmitted disease,” the emailed appeal for campaign donations said.

Rick, you stupid fucking piece of shit, tell your campaign staff to get a normal human being to read your campaign copy before they mail it out to your mailing lists. The howling meth freaks that congregate around your campaign stops, licking their stumpy black teeth and playing chicken in their hoverounds don’t count.


/golf clap from the Pennsyltucky gallery/

A pea attempting to eclipse a turd. Never been done.

Noting his campaign logo-
Is that a buzzard flying out of an asshole?

I’ve had an occulation problem myself, once in a while. There was an issue with me being in demnified for certain types of in vasive or thopedic procedures.

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