Let’s Play Spot the Nerd!

Jon Huntsman uses a Visual Sport Metaphor in his new attack ad against Mitt Romney. Can you identify the Rookie Error?

[via Baseball Researcher]


4:14 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

Let me give it a shot, since I’m the very definition of Sport Rookie: they should’ve used a right-handed glove to paint Mitt as a Lefty? We southpaws are particularly sensitive to mistakes of this nature. But I suspect you’re going for the fact that they should’ve just shown a freaking catcher’s mitt rather than a baseball glove?

Would the judges also accept that there should have been a Cubs logo somewhere on/near the “almost last” glove?

5:25 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

No one is shouting?

It’s pink.

I have no idea. What Sport? He has nice hair.

5:47 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

If the glove is meant to be a reference to “Mitt,” it’s wrong because it’s not a first baseman’s or catcher’s mitt. Also, the footprint is wrong — it’s not from baseball cleats. Also, since we see a baseline (I think) and the glove is not a first baseman’s mitt, the photo suggests that a runner may have gotten to third — not a bad result.

5:59 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

Was it having that voice over lady talk to us like we are pre-schoolers? Cause that was pretty damn annoying.

7:40 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

There were a lot of “walks” as well. Those footprints weren’t made by anyone running.

Also, too, why are the footprints going in almost every direction except along the line?

8:51 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

The GOP has no idea that Huntsman, all things being equal, is really their best bet.

But we live in teabagistan, now. It’s going to blow up in their faces…

10:32 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

Speaking of beisbol, mis gigantes are looking good in the 1st inning against the Dodgerblues. Eight more innings to go, and they’re still six games behind Jamie’s snakes.

11:47 pm • Friday • September 9, 2011

The bagpipes at the end with the l-l logo. We all know bagpipes = funeral and Bahstan. The logo is bad, too. 1-1=0

That’s a glove, not a mitt. And I think they’re playing on the beach.

ADD: And all that stuff Dodger said. I thought maybe they were playing in an abandoned lot (fence scene)? To much sand, no cleats, footprints look odder than odd.

12:53 am • Saturday • September 10, 2011


10:43 pm • Saturday • September 10, 2011

@flippin eck: Here. Take your pick.

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