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Politico delves into the other self-evident question.

[Politico: Is Rick Perry Dumb?]

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

He is not an ideas man. Perry hasn’t spent his political career marking up the latest Cato or Heritage white papers or reading policy-heavy books late into the night.

LOL, as if spending any time on a Cato or Heritage paper identified anything other than your level of gullibility!

Perry’s own tome last year — a jeremiad against the federal government called “Fed Up!” — included 19 pages of source notes and no co-author. But in the book’s acknowledgments, the governor cites five individuals who helped with the writing, research and editing.

Farm out the “brainwork.” That’s how it works for these guys.

“In terms of sheer brains and understanding policy at a deep level, he’d rank pretty low,” said McNeely, looking back at the chief executives he’s covered from John Connally on. “But as far as power politics and control, he’s the most powerful Texas governor in history.”

Great. You could probably have said the same thing about Saddam Hussein or Ghadaffi… or any tin pot dictator for that matter. Their success is less about their ideas than about their ability to secure and reinforce their own power.

“If Karl Rove hadn’t been my consultant, I would not have been agriculture commissioner today,” Perry told the Dallas Morning News in 1994, adding: “My brain is like a chicken pot pie….”

’nuff said.

@Serolf Divad: All anybody really fears about Perry is that he’s run roughshod over Texas politics. But as large as the state is, he’s still a big fish in a small pond. That’s why I’m waiting to see how his shtick plays nationally — it’s a much bigger game.

@nojo: Right, the Talibunny could take a state with a population the size of Colorado Springs but on the national stage the snowbilly schtick wore thin quickly. The real question is whether or not Rove will activate his network on Perry’s behalf, which is relevant to all the GOP campaigns right now as well.

@FlyingChainSaw: There’s a bit of a blood feud between Turd Blossom and Governor GoodHair, and Rove is activating his network AGAINST Perry on behalf of the corporate masters who are skeered of Ricky, see, e.g., WSJ editorial last week.

@SanFranLefty: Great, will give Perry all the more credibility with the psychoconservative teabagger crowd. Rove would have been smart to just not endorse the guy.

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