If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is:

Monday the internet was aflame yet again with an apparent “whitey” tape — this time featuring not Michelle Obama, but Michele Bachmann.

The highly edited video made its rounds through email, Twitter, and Perez Hilton’s site. As you can see below, it appears to show Bachmann taking the stage at a campaign event and asking the crowd, “Who likes white people?”

However, the full version of the tape reveals a rather different story. Bachmann is clearly referencing the weather conditions outside the tent in which she appearing. “Who likes wet people?” she asks, to cheers from the crowd.

With so much good Crazy Eyes material already on the record, we don’t see the need to embellish reality. And all you do in a case like this is give her Martyr Points. Can’t we get back to salacious insinuations about the Mister?

Michele Bachmann’s Very Own ‘Whitey’ Tape Turns Out To Be A Dud [TPM]


you guys don’t count

I just got back from Zaca Lake. Play guitar, jump in lake, eat, repeat. Was there a storm or something?

@Dodgerblue: So, like, there was this earrrthqwaaaake, but no one got the message, so then there was like this fluuuuuud, and no one got the message, so California is going to burn.

@JNOV: Given the amount of fog this summer in NorCal, we’ll be too damp to burn up. Dunno about SoCal.

The next line from the un-edited video is, arguably, a bit *worse*:

Because we have the god of the winds and the rains, don’t we? We serve a mighty god.

Straight outta The Dead Zone right there…

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