Which Hand Does Thomas Friedman Use When He Fantasizes?

“At that point, all five leaders shook hands and retreated into the Oval Office. It was exactly 9:29 a.m. One minute later, the New York Stock Exchange opened. The Dow was up 1,223 points at the open — an all-time record.” [NYT]


Looks like Friedman is taking a page from Newt’s alternate history schtick. He left off the finish, which in most fairy tales goes, “And they all lived happily ever after.” I’m very disappointed he didn’t include Jesus making an appearance at the press conference, or at least a benevolent alien.

Please, NOJO… it’s 1:05 here on the East Coast… many of us just finished our lunch!

how easily — with just a little political will — it could be a reality.

Apparently in Friedman-jackoff-fantasy-land, it only takes “a little political will” to get AN ENTIRELY NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Although I guess an executive order declaring everybody who was cheering for default a traitor and stripping them of their seat wouldn’t actually take much *activity*… ;)

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