What About Our Unlimited SuperPAC Money?

Our guest columnist is Stephen Colbert.

Dear Colbert Super PAC Members and spouses/lovers snooping through your inbox,

I have exciting news to share from Colbert Super PAC. We have set our sights on Iowa — right after setting our sights on finding out where Iowa is. It’s further north than you think! In advance of the Ames Straw Poll, outside money has been pouring in trying to convince Iowans to write in Texas Governor Rick Parry. It’s a blatant display of unbridled opportunism that we want in on.

With that in mind, Colbert Super PAC has created our first-ever television ad. It shows what we can achieve if we work together with fortitude, vision, and the latest version of iMovie. For those of you aren’t lucky enough to live in the greater Des Moines metroplex, we have linked to it here.

(Note: If you are having difficulty viewing this video, make sure you are reading this email on a computer.)

The message is simple, yet deceptively simple: Write in Rick Parry’s name with an A. For America. For IowA. For PresidAnt.

This ad is just the beginning for Colbert Super PAC. We’ll be running a whole series of ad in the day leading up to the Ames Straw Poll. And maybe later, we’ll do other things.

Episode IV: A New Hope [Colbert Super PAC, via email]

Stephen Colbert is far more clever than me.

Ah Stinquers, a tale of woe from today that, alas, I shall not peck out on a fucking iPad. It involves planes and a piano bar.

More later….

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Bitch, don’t tease. Were assless chaps or santorum involved? It’d be hell to clean the lube off the piano keys.

TJ: Too tired to make this a separate post though young Rachel earned it:

Nick Kristof yet again melts the lump of coal that is my Grinchian heart with this thought at bedtime tearjerker.

/shakes fist, mutters, dabs tears, clutches chest, goes off to to make a donation

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