Since We’re All Going To Be Eating Cat Food Soon…

…might as well cat blog.  How about a palate cleanser of a Daily Kitteh to take our minds off of the mayhem just inflicted upon 98% of this country, thanks to spineless Dems and pathologically insane tea baggers?  Say hi to Pippa, gang!



Aww. My first cat was a Tortoiseshell. They’re strangely beautiful.

Awww … and she looks pretty fierce.

@blogenfreude: More fierce than the Democratic Party, that’s for sure. Those are some sharp claws and kitteh teeth that she’s got…

@SanFranLefty: Kittens never roll over and submit. They fight to the last. I’m thinking of running my cat Baxter for Wu’s seat. He’s smarter and braver than anyone up there, and a cat suit looks good on him.

We’re only gonna be eating catfood till it runs out, then we’ll be eating the cats. They’ll be pretty skinny by then, though.

@Promnight: And after that we’ll be eating the childrens. Those little fingers are like popcorn shrimp.

OT but I just saw something I wish I could unsee, accidental, inadvertant exposure to BAD pron, come on guys, you know how that sometimes happens totally by accident? Worse than 2 girls, one cup, in its way. Now I am wondering if this is something everyone knew is out there, and in my naivete’ I just never heard of it. I’da thought I would have heard of it, there’s lotsa Badness out there I have heard of, but have never seen, not wanting to.

@¡Andrew!: Its when the choice gets to Kittehs or children that the Kitteh lovers will fold. Seriously, our society has reached a population that is only sustainable with industrialized agriculture and all the infrastructure that requires. We break down, and we WILL be eating each other.

@Promnight: The phrase “One Oil Shock Away From Cannibal Anarchy” just doesn’t sound as elegant as “E Pluribus Unum,” but they might as well start printing it on our (air quotes) “money.”

@Promnight: I had to dissect a cat in A&P in high school – turns out there is only one way to skin them, and it ain’t easy.

The only way this “deal” makes sense is if based on poker tactics.

In poker, you play the cards you are dealt. Sometimes you have to fold. Sometimes, you play just to see what cards come out of the deck. Sometimes you end up having to fold even if you placed a bet because you know you have a shit hand and you suspected or realize the guys you are up against have a better hand. The net result is you bleed chips and look like you are losing, but he’s still playing.

This is a pretty shit deal, but the least horrible of all circumstances.

At this point, Barry’s bleeding chips. He didn’t fold, but he certainly didn’t help himself at this moment.

I can tell you that if the US defaulted and the world economy plunged into chaos, no one would have forgiven the US America. The smarter folks would hold the GOPers utterly responsible for this (and in the media here, they have been pointing fingers at the GOP) but a lot of the dumber folks who have no idea would hold the US responsible and lump all of you together (unfair or not.)

The only saving grace for Barry is that the Teabaggers at this point own the GOPer primaries thus guaranteeing that an idiot or an even more spineless than a Demrat doofus will come out of the primary as the GOPer candidate. I think that Huntsman is probably the one of the biggest challenges to Barry, but there is no way in hell Teabaggers would vote for him.

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