You Might Not Make It After All

While Michele Bachmann’s Wacky Family Business is familiar to anyone who follows politics, it hasn’t been part of the Lamestream Narrative. Until now.

ABC’s World News Tonight:

A former patient who sought help from the Christian counseling clinic owned by GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, told ABC News he was advised that prayer could rid him of his homosexual urges and he could eventually be “re-oriented.”

NBC’s Today Show:

NBC’s Michael Isikoff reports that undercover video taken from Michele Bachmann’s Christian counseling center reveals that her therapists are using prayer and Bible scriptures to help cure people of homosexual tendencies.

Welcome to the Show, Michele. Your bigoted teabagger fans won’t care, but the rest of America just caught their first glimpse of what you’re really about.


Who can turn on Teabaggers with her (crazy eye) smile?
Who can take a normal day, and suddenly make it all seem insane?
Well it’s you girl, and you should know it
With each twitch and every vindictive leak you’ll see it

Power’s illusory, no need to grab it
You can run away, but you can’t shake it
You’re not made of teflon after all
You’re not made of teflon after all

This is basically the sole reason that I don’t (yet) hope the current Wall $treet puppet gummit is overthrown. Whatever replaces it will be about a jillion times worse: A violent, psychopathic Teabag theocrazy that makes Auschwitz look like Toontown, with endless masses of braying, hate-crazed, sadistic white lunatics rolling around, bug-eyed, speaking in tongues and waving signs stating “No Tax’s” and “REPEEL SCHOOLALIZM” and “End the Hummuhsssekshal Simulus!”

Hubby’s Christian Counseling site won’t load. What is being scrubbed?

Somebody should really make some hay regarding her husbands PhD. The dude is a complete phony.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Have we forgotten what an empty suit W was, and how little the press cared? He was a coke head with a DUI on his record! Laura killed a man with her car!

(I watched “Silver City” the other night and all those things came flashing back to me.)

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