Sherwood Schwartz, 1916-2011

And only a day after Orrin Hatch trotted out Thurston Howell III.

Sherwood Schwartz, Creator of Gilligan and the Bradys, Dies at 94 [NYT]

MLB All-Star game and beerfest countdown: 1.5 hours.

@Dodgerblue: are there any dodgers playing tonight? for pay this time? what’s the deal on mccourt? it seems he looted the dodgers like koslowski at CIT.

Uh. Why did Hatch pull out ole ThurstonHowelltheThird? I’d click through, but I like reading youse guyses’ descriptions.

@Dodgerblue: Ooh, good call. There’s even some back-bench Nationals pitcher on the roster.

@jwmcsame: Kemp and Ethier made the team. Yeah, McCourt looted the team and then put it into BK. I see his endgame as getting bought out for his ownership share of the team but holding onto the parking lots — a huge chunk of real estate.

@JNOV: It’s the GOP’s new Faces of Poverty series.

Thurston Howell III was only a millionaire, after all.

@Dodgerblue: Bucs have three players on the roster, which could be the most since their days in Bonilla and Bondsage. Plus, McCutchen is backing up your boy Kemp, at a tenth of his salary.

Underdogs unite!

I just saw a gout ad on TV. I think my DeLorean’s malfunctioning.

@nojo: I knew a twentysomething kid with The Gout. Now if we all start getting goiters…

Confetti is falling, sailors are kissing women in the streets and marching bands are playing over at MSNBC tonight.

@Nabisco: Yeah, sure.

It was like “Happy Christmas, War is Over” night.

@redmanlaw: My hosts at a meeting today apologized for pulling us away from such an important US America past-time as the All-Star game. I broke the ice by saying that any game that didn’t feature a Yomiuri Giant wasn’t worth watching.

Do you know what it is like not going one day without the episode of the Simpsons going to Japan going through your head?

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