If you haven’t heard, Sarah Palin, um, graces the cover of the latest Newsweek, which is now run by Tina Brown, which explains the shamelessness.

And if, like us, you find yourself visiting the web version of the cover story, you’ll see the above photo, captioned “See more images from Sarah Palin’s cover shoot with photographer Emily Shur.”

And if, like us, you dawdle your mouse over that photo, you’ll see the alt-text “palin-newsweek-tease”.

Which is easily explained: In the biz, a “tease” is just a promo, an offer to click through for more detail. For the geeks running the Newsweek site, it’s merely a means of labeling one of the elements of the presentation, for easy reference.

We suspect, however, that like us, you don’t really care. For palin-newsweek-tease so perfectly captures the story, the person, the presentation, and the phenomenon, the only possible explanation is Divine Intervention by a mischievous deity who has an adorable weakness for shits & giggles.

Palin Plots Her Next Move [Newsweek]

No, it’s eyes down — the placement of “I Can Win” under her rack compels this.

“I am Sarah Palin and these are my bristols.”

BTW. Speaking of Bristol, girlfriend’s sporting some MAJOR reupholstery and spackle work.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Remember – she would still be in Alaska fucking things up were it not for John McCain and Bill Kristol. They are damnably to be blamed.

@FlyingChainSaw: She needs to eat moar babies.

Okay. Who saw Battlestar? Manchu? I just started the last season. This is some good shit here. I remember people trying to get me into it when it was on TV, and I was like, meh. I was so wrong. It doesn’t even have a Stupid Season. Well, not yet…

@JNOV: My take is that the last season kinda rushes to its conclusion, although a fiendishly clever twist almost forgives it.

@nojo: Sweet to the twist, and yeah to the rushing. I’m maybe four episodes in.

I enjoyed Razor. A lot. And it’s the first episode that scared me. It was nice to see that Aussie chick from TSCC, and I’m digging the music. I’m even past getting annoyed about all the fracking.

@nojo: Oh, and speaking of fracking, we had a teachable moment here when I got to explain how TV programming would change after 9 p.m. Was that when prime time used to end? It was a big deal if I got to watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus with my baked mother on Sunday nights.

ADD: And no court room scenes should quote Atticus Finch. There oughtta be a law.

ADDD: Oh. And the show is crawling with Canucks.

Since it would be irresponsible of me not to speculate, I think I shall. She does appear to be losing weight, well, except for her boobies and jowls. By some miracle they seem to remain the same. Praise be to Jebus. But she is also looking old. Weight loss and premature aging are a sign of Meth Addiction. That and a tendency to ramble incoherently. So there’s that, also too. You betcha. *wink*

@JNOV: Well, it was filmed in Vancouver.

Prime Time used to run 7:30-11pm (ET/PT). “Local access” arrived in the early 70s, I think, setting aside 7:30-8 for “independent” programming, which quickly became game shows, reruns, and with the advent of satellite distribution, Entertainment Tonight.

“Family Hour”, an early 80s trick to keep the FCC off the networks’ backs, ran from 8-9. That might be what you’re remembering.

And finally, Fox settled on 8-10 for its prime time when it launched in the late 80s, in part to accommodate the 10pm newscasts of formerly indie stations that signed on, but mainly to avoid an FCC designation as a “major” network — based on prime time hours per week — which would have invoked a lot of rules.

@nojo: The 24/7 cycle of television is like a hamster wheel greased with silicone spray. A network like NBC would immediately rocket up the Nielson ratings if it put an hour of test pattern and white noise in place of some of its programming – Leno, for starters.

@nojo: Yeah. I think SciFi (yes, I know) films a lot of stuff there. ‘Tis cool.

Yup, you’re right. “Family Hour” is what I was thinking about.

@nojo: Everything is filmed in Canada because it’s so much cheaper. Unions.

Don’t make me tell you what US crews call Canadians. Don’t make me do that. I don’t want to and you can’t make me. I will not tell you. I refuse.

@Benedick HRH KFC:
White Mexicans?

Actually, with the exchange rate being par or above that’s not so much of an advantage anymore. We now have better tax breaks.

@Roket: She’s not showing her teeth in her photo shoot….hmmm. Her neck tells the story of her health and age. Always amazed by women who get work done on their faces or their boobs and they forget about the neck.

@ManchuCandidate: You can’t make me tell you. It’s just wrong.

It’s not the exchange rate it’s the union rates. I think the day rate for extras and crew is still a lot less than it is in the States. (For example: the old movie Julia was shot in London which was at the time used much as Canada is now. There’s a brief scene in which Jane F walks into Sardi’s after the opening of one of Helman’s plays. Most of the extras sitting at the tables were imported from the States to give a New York atmosphere and were paid at the then SAG rate of $200 a day. The Brit extras were paid at the UK Equity rate of 35 pounds. That’s how they save money) The leads get paid in US amounts but everyone else works for much less. For anyone coming from the States they also have to pay pension and health. I don’t think that’s true for ice n….s our honored Canadian friends.

Which is why we have to spend so much time looking at the streets of fucking Toronto.

@SanFranLefty: Can anything be done beyond higher collars? And who sandblasted Michele Bachmann and when?

@Benedick HRH KFC:
I was close.

So technically, being a Canadian crew is the new black.

The pose looks familiar.
The chrome nekkid woman on a trucker’s mudflap.

@texrednface: @redmanlaw: “Blacktop angel goddess, queen of wanderlust. May your perfect body, never turn to rust.”

@Nabisco: That sounds like the lyrics from a song by Death” I’m listening to.

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