Flying Pigs Crowding Arizona Airspace.

Breaking: Arizona Voters to SB 1070 Architect: Papers, Please: Senate President Pearce Has Been Recalled.

“Cor, stone the crows! Did not see this coming.” David Brooks professes amazement in the pages of the New York Times. Senator McCain immediately booked on all Sunday’s talk shows. Governor Brewer has 15 days to set date for election.

Stinquer RML attending Duct Tape Expo and is unavailable for comment.


In spite of the good news, the one thing that bothers me is that headline has entirely too many colons in it.

The Alabama law is worse — makes it a crime for anyone to “harbor” terrorists undocumented immigrants by doing things like driving them to the doctor’s office or being a teacher and not demanding “Papers, please!” from every brown student.

@matador1015: Considering the number of assholes involved in enacting this monstrosity, perhaps multiple colons were needed to service them.

Ah, God, you people are, as always, hilarious.

And in other news, Boehner is an idiot, and Barry might just be a 3D chess wizard after all. That debt celing deal would have fucked the Dems, and he rejected it. The Republicans just bought the coming worldwide financial crash lock, stock, and barrel.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Yeah, I saw the breaking news update from Politico flash through my in-box saying that Boehner just walked away from the debt ceiling negotiations when they are at the equivalent point of two attorneys arguing over a settlement with a $500 difference, and thought, Daaayum, Black Eagle, poker nerves of fucking steel.

I also think Obama is perhaps taking a page from the Jerry Brown approach of trying to look reasonable (i.e. offer a state budget that is 50-50 cuts and revenue/taxes) and then say, well, if they won’t compromise, why should we try to salvage things, maybe Californians need to experience $26 billion in cuts to have a Come to Jesus moment. The horrifying part of course is that there are lots of people who get burned in the process in the interim. But at this point, scorch the earth and hang it around the Republicans’ neck is about all that’s left for the long term.

Meanwhile, this was enough to make my boiled eggs rattle in their pan.

They needed 7756 signatures to recall Pierce and got 1/3 more, which would be approximately 10,340. Who knew there were so many “far left anarchists” in Arizona?

Dang, returns to normalcy are no fun. I was waiting for the *really* psychotic face-biting lunatics to accuse people like Pearce of being soft on islamomexicofascistocannibalism and provoke free fire fights in the streets.

I never have any fun.

@FlyingChainSaw: Just wait for the National Hillbilly Cannibal Cookout scheduled for August after the debt default.

@FlyingChainSaw: BTW, I love love love the ONN’s new slogan “A Tomahawk of Honesty in a Skull of Lies.”

First thought: Is FlyingChainSaw writing for The Onion?

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