Stroke Possible With Prolonged Exposure

We can’t find this graphic on the USA Today site itself, but we’re pretty sure it’s there somewhere.

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Update: Ah. Ran last Friday.

You need a dirty mind to be an editor in this business [Charles Apple]

It was nearly 90 here yesterday! The Honda overheated trying to get up Mt. Hood.
Summer in Orygun is as obnoxious as winter in San Diego.

@Mistress Cynica: winter in San Diego

Where, on some of the worst nights of the year, it crashes to 40 degrees.

It has been lovely in Chicago, and when it hasn’t, well…I just don’t seem to mind as much now that I have central air.

It has been terrible hot lately. It is fully 79 degrees outside in Burbank and it may just get a couple of degrees hotter.

Oh, the humanity!

Perhaps its time for the earth to just say no to sun jobs.

How hot is it here?

It’s so hot that the first time I looked at the picture above I didn’t get it.

My brain is boiled.

Hot (low 90s with single digit humidity) and smoky outside here in Santa Fe. The sunlight has a rose-colored cast to it due to the nearby forest fires.

Here it’s hot (90s) and humid (90s), with a chance of radioactive cesium in mid-afternoon showers.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: “Arizona: Who needs the beach? We bring the sand to you.”

@Nabisco: Had the ongoing forest fires spread into the Los Alamos National Labs (“Home of the Manhattan Project – and we’re not talking cocktails!”) grounds and down into the canyons where they dumped nuclear and toxic waste for years – yup, right off the mesa – hippies were predicting that we’d have some nasty shit in the air over Santa Fe.

They must have had some Magic Fire Barrier up because only one acre of the lab grounds burned. That, and they did a really heavy duty fuels reduction effort there since a couple of fires in the past several years torched some lab buildings.

@redmanlaw: Yes, there’s been some chatter about that on this end. Our hosts are very interested in learning about any lessons learned from past events in the continental US. There’s a lot of pound of cure over here when an ounce of prevention would have been much better. Apparently our too-cheap-to-meter industry is actually pretty decent in that regard.

That being said, the nuke lab geeks I’m around find this whole thing just fascinating. Imagine starting your career in nuke disaster mitigation after Chernobyl – this happens and suddenly it’s all real for the first time in your professional life.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Did you get all that sand out of your parts and your eyes yet? Nasty shit.

@Nabisco: Fun fact: my office is two blocks away from where Mahnattan Project physicist Klaus Fuchs passed the atom bomb designs to Soviet spy Harry Gold.

I was about to turn left at that intersection to take Son of RML to schoolon 9/11 when I was thinking “shouldn’t that building be falling about now?” when one of the towers collapsed.

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