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Archaic Method? Cursive writing no longer has to be taught [Terre Haute Tribune-Star]

[Larger But Still Illegible Version]


Ha!. Beat the laggards in the EDT this morning!

The calligraphy of our time…

My parents one summer forced (at gunpoint) my sister and I to take calligraphy classes one day a week for the length of the summer. I was not happy about it at the time. Improve my penmanship though, but I wasn’t going to tell my parents that.

Wait. You pay your rent by cheque? How very… quaint.

My 4th grade teacher made us trace over and over with our index finger each letter of the alphabet. These were white cursive letters on green cards. His preference was the Zaner-Bloser method as opposed to the Townsend method taught in other classes.
I have not forgotten Mr. Harris. My handwriting was and will forever be illegible.

At first I thought you rewrote the Light My Fire lyrics Manchu-style for this note. It worked for the first line, but fell apart after that, alas.

You might be getting cramps because you’re pressing down too hard on the paper.

Either that or you’re getting your period.

Illegible? You must not know many lawyers.

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