Universe Collapses Into Black Hole, Awaits Liberation From Existential Purgatory By Next Big Bang

[Us Magazine]

I’d pitch the Kardashians and OJ into a black hole.

Her father was one of OJ’s lawyers, if memory serves. That’s a tie?

@Dodgerblue: Close enough for linkbait.

Also, apparently she disagrees with the outcome this time.

I thought the breathless news cycle had already moved on to the Hacked! Phone! of the British teenager who died – quite a few years ago.

@Nabisco: Very big news in London, since a Murdoch paper is at the center of it.

@nojo: The London hook explains why my cable news sources (CNN international and the Beeb) are totally gaga over the Hacked Phone! story. The presenters are really quite pleasing to the eye – but I nearly gouged my eyes out yesterday when I switched on the tube and there was NotLarryKing interviewing NotBlackEyedPeaFergie.

Would someone please explain to these attention whores, the Kardashians, that they only broke into the faux-celebrity business because of her father? That, and the good fortune of being born in Hell Lay?

@Nabisco: And, scene! James Murdoch shuts down News of the World. This is Very Big News over there, as if the Post got closed because it did something naughty.

Even bigger, actually. We don’t have an analogue to Fleet Street.

@nojo: The coverage of this turned out to be pretty interesting: NotW was generating only a minor percentage of total profits for NewsCorps, and Morlock actually has bigger fish he’s after: the BSkyB acquisition that still has to be approved by the British equivalent of the FCC.

I’m sure it was an easy decision to cut bait on NotW. Yesterday’s news is, as they say, tomorrow’s fish ‘n chip paper.

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