Magic Underwear Remains Powerless

“Though the vast majority of Americans say they would vote for their party’s nominee for president in 2012 if that person happens to be a Mormon, 22% say they would not, a figure largely unchanged since 1967.” [Gallup]


That’s what you get for banging on doors while people sleep in on Saturday morning.

There is no religious test for public office in this country, yet there is a religious test for public office in this country. Anyone who runs and says “yeah – I’m an atheist” will lose. We are doomed.

@blogenfreude: True that, but let’s amend to say:

“Yeah – I’m an atheist”

“Yeah – I’m a Muslim”

“Yeah – I’m a Mormon”

sort of off-topic, but anyway: I had known for some time that Glen Beck was nuts but it was not all that long ago that I learned he converted to being a Mormon as an adult. Wha! It’s one thing to have been raised in a Mormon family. No excuse for becoming a Mormon as an adult.

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